Pray for Dr. Odom

Grace~ites, Please remember Dr. Odom (our pastor emeritus) in your prayers. He is at the hospital having some tests run.

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Pray for waitress’s husband

Grace~ites, please keep Todd McCoy in your prayers. He was in a deer stand and the limb gave way, he has multiple fractures.

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Pray for Bobby Payne

Please be in prayer for Bobby Payne (Ed Payne’s Dad) he is having some internal bleeding which caused a collapse and trip to the ER on Friday. That prompted a CT scan which also showed an embolism on his aorta (unrelated to the bleeding). He will be having at least one procedure on Monday to find the source of the bleeding. He knows Jesus as His Saviour and we know God is in control of everything!

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The Vollraths

Keep the Vollraths in your prayers. Billy is in the hospital (Cobb) for a bleeding ulcer. He has developed an infection so they are keeping him until Saturday. Joyce and Billy appreciate you remembering them before Our Lord.

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GA Force

Please pray for several players on the GA Force football team out of Sugar Hill, GA. They incurred several major injuries in this past Friday’s game. Listed below is the information I received from Scott at GA Force.

Caleb Jarrard has torn lower back muscles and abdomen soft tissue tears as well. He will be out about 3 weeks. Caleb McBee who took the hit in the back is out 2 weeks with a lower back strain. Devyn Robinson has a MCL strain and is out 1-2 weeks. And Addison Jackson, who had the appendicitis is obviously out 3-4 weeks, but will be monitored weekly.

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Leigh Caffrey

Please keep my family in your prayers. My mother, Barbara Phillips Springer, passed away suddenly Saturday night. Her visitation will be Tuesday at 1 pm and funeral services at 2 pm at Owen Funeral Home, 12 Collins Drive, Cartersville, GA 30120.

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Jerod Hicks has gone “home”.

Please pray for Megan Hicks and Carol Hicks Davis in the death of Jerod Hicks.
Jerod died in a car accident on Thursday the 9th.

West Ridge Church
3522 Hiram Acworth Hwy (Hwy 92)
Dallas, GA 30157

Tuesday, October 14th
Visitation : 2PM to 5:00 PM
Celebration Service at 5:00 PM
Graveside Service to follow


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Janis Wilson’s family

Pray for Janis Wilson’s family in the death of her Aunt, Ann Smith.
She will be at West Cobb Funeral Home.

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Please Pray or our Youth Summer Retreat

Please Pray for the following folks daily, by name.
2014 GBC Youth Summer Retreat
Thomas Brown
Misty Brown
Jason Hamby
Pam Hamby
Heather Houle
Bo Spriggs
Carly Brown
Oliver Jenkins
Kenneth Froelke
Kyle O’Shields
Jacob Hamby
Zack Hamby
Terrance Hall
Brady Ogle
Marissa Lee
Bailey Lee
Dakota Lee
Becky Brinkley
Katie Brinkley
Kaylyn Carruth
Stephen Houle
Jordan Houle
Brandon Crist
Nzie Francis
Madalyn McEntyre
Amy Nichols
May Nichols
Nathan Alexander
Jalen Miller

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Angela & Mark Turner Family

Dear Grace faithful,

Angela received a text from her mom this morning telling her that her father was taken to the hospital. Angela’s father (James Banks) had been feeling strong chest pains. Mom is at the hospital with dad who was admitted for testing. James is a heart patient who has had several surgeries including (1) triple bypass. Last week the doctors performed a heart cath and found that the valves and such from the bypass might be failing and then they sent James home with directions not to stress and stay close to a phone. We are asking to please keep Grandpa in your prayers and for God’s grace to shine.

On bended knee
Mark & Angela Turner
Matthew 21:22 Psalm 61:1-4

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