Prayer Request

Mr. Chris Pitts asked prayer for himself as he was in a bad wreck and suffered a broken neck, chipped spinal cord, and right side nerve damage.

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Prayer Requests –

1. I just got off phone with my friend who’s husband Mike has non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma – they are waiting to hear from insurance to see if his PET scan has been authorized. He is also sick with probably pneumonia too as his respiratory infections has gotten worse. He just had chemo last week so his immune system is not up to par. Please pray that insurance will authorize the scan, that antibiotics will treat his infections and that he can get back on his feet. He has been unable to work for several months now (he does IT contract work but they have no ‘remote’ work at this time) and really needs to be able to have some remote work become available for him.

2. My future son-in-law’s sister, Kellyn Walter (22 y/o) has been struggling with Myasthenia gravis for several years now. It is a form of Muscular Dystrophy with no known cure. She has been having issues with swallowing and breathing along with eye issues (unable to close them completely due to muscle weakness in the eyelids). Her insulin levels have all of a sudden spiked significantly and the M.D.s are concerned that she may have a tumor on her pancreas – she is slated for a scan on Friday. Please pray that her insulin levels will go down and that there is no tumor to be found. I believe she also has finals coming up this week or next too. I have a praise here too – Kellyn spent a day with us last week and we had such a great time – thanking our Lord for the time of fellowship and family bonding too.

3. Praise! Great visit with my Dad and step-Mom this weekend. I believe the Lord is opening their hearts one visit at a time, one conversation at a time.

4. Unspoken for my step-Mom Ann Marie – for her and her children, who are struggling with multiple issues.

5. My sister Cindy – she is teaching at a school for extremely troubled teens. Not only are the teens struggling with some horrible issues but my sister is struggling with dealing with these poor souls.

6. Jobs for Brett and Alayna. Brett can tutor junior high thru highschool English & is hoping to perhaps secure a management-track position with Disney. Alayna graduates this week from Kennesaw State with a Bachelor’s degree in early childhood education (Summa cum laude – we are so proud of her!) We are praying she will be able to secure a position for this last half of the school year and/or regular substitute teaching assignments.

7. Job for Katey that will enable her to worship on Sundays and to provide food/gas/clothing money.

Thanks all my friends for praying with me – love you all!


Vicky L. Moore, BS, MT(ASCP)

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Prayer request

My friend’s husband Mike went in for his ‘maintenance’ chemo today for his non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma. He has been experiencing quite a few night sweats recently which has them concerned. Praying that the insurance company will authorize a Pet scan, that the chemo will hit those evil little bad cells big time, if they are lurking and for an enjoyable Thanksgiving holiday for my friend’s family.

thanks for praying!

Love you!


Vicky L. Moore, BS, MT(ASCP)

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From our Missionaries

A missionary consistently prays that God will continue to give them quality preachers for their Timothy and Titus Training Program. They ask earnest prayers as they consider starting a second training center, which even at its present stage is dealing with many challenges and difficulties. Then he has a two-fold prayer request: first for God’s wisdom as they consider requests to become involved with existing Bible schools requesting to be put under their training program, and secondly, monthly support of US$200 for the Timothy and Titus graduates who are currently teaching in their three Bible schools. He also asks prayer for their deaf ministry, that God will give special protection and provision for this vital outreach.

Marcos Flores, Belize asks the following specific prayers:

1. Ms. Irene Cruz (sister in Christ) was evicted from her house by her ex-common-law, and must provide for her three children (2 high school, 1 primary) with not enough money to keep up monthly school fees

2. Mr. Feliz Garcia, age 93, who attends church but is confused about eternal security.

3. Mr. Antonio Hill, age 76, for salvation, faithfully attends church but cannot yet make that decision.

4. Pray for their youth to get more involved in ministry and evangelism.

5. Pray for the ladies’ group to continue to be faithful and good examples to their children.

6. Pray for a church building and the resources to construct. The owner of a lot in a good location is asking $3000, so trusting God to provide these funds.

7. Funds for two tires for the church bus.

Brian Clark, London would like us to take to the Lord the following requests:

1. 10 new people at their church by 2010.

2. Their current disciples would continue to grow.

3. For another person to be saved this month.

4. Their email contact base would increase from its current 250 a week.

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From our Missionaries #3

Luiz Nunes, Portugal asks continual prayer as they wait for approval to receive their Visas. Pray they can receive additional monies for tickets to return to Portugal once they are secured. Even their children are crying to go back.

Howard Wynn, Philippines is praying for funds of $3,800 to purchase instruments for the 15 young people who have now learned to play.

Jerrold Thomas, Bangladesh asks prayer for wisdom in decisions and financial protection.

Edgar Asuncion, Cambodia has the following several prayer requests:

1. Salvation of the Cambodians

2. Spiritual growth and faithfulness of the believers in the church

3. God will send laborers into the country

4. Land for the ministry in the province ($3,500)

5. Good health for his wife and family (need $150.)

6. Children’s school needs of $300

Curt Brown, Austria would like us to pray with him that God would grant great opportunities in the university student populace.

Paulding Pregnancy, Hiram, Georgia lists the following requests:

1. Men and women to choose life for their unborn babies

2. Pastors and churches to stand against abortion

3. Wisdom and order in growing the PPS Board of Directors and Pastor’s Advisory Council

4. A new permanent facility for PPS to purchase

5. At least one bilingual peer counselor (Spanish)

Edgar Feghaly, Middle East asks us to pray God’s power demonstrated to reach Muslims for Christ

Joan Tyson, Honduras has a praise and prayer that in spite of political unrest/upheaval, freedom to worship will remain powerful.

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From our Missionaries #2

Elijah Koske, Kenya would like our prayers to join with his for the following:

1. The constructing of three Bible School classes and an Orphanage Center

2. His and his wife’s faithfulness in the ministry

3. Their five children’s education

4. For Bible School material

5. Bible School teachers and support

David Smith, Brazil would like us to pray with him:

1. About the $1,500 US it will take to move their new National Pastor from their present location to Londrina

2. His wife’s recovery from the Epstein Barr Virus (a more serious version of mono) as she has remained on bed rest since May, and many treatments with varying limited success. Currently she can do about 30 minutes of simple things a day, and even that is often times too much for her, as she is so weak.

Cards can be sent to her:

Geri Smith

Rua Augusto Balalai, 174

Milton Gavetti


Londrina, PR – Brazil

Bobby Sizemore, Rock of Ages Ministries, as us to keep 5 Brazilian national men in prayer that God would grant them the power of God to preach, protection for the missionaries, needs to be met and souls to be saved and changed.

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From our Missionaries

Wayne Holder, First Bible International (10/40 Window), has two things on his mind for us to pray with him about:

1. The annual Bible Baptist Church Christmas offering which provides much of the funds to buy paper and produce the scriptures for the next year. There is a matching grant up to $25,000. (One roll of paper is $500)

2. The Bibles4Muslims project ($5 buys 1 Bible)

Justus Banuel, India also has two things for us to pray with him about:

1. Funding for the Radio and TV ministries to continue to be provided ($125 for 15 minutes radio time / $300 for 30 minutes of TV air time) as this is the second most costly of expenses (first being buying property and constructing church buildings) so that the gospel messages will continue to be heard and they will give their hearts to Jesus.

2. Sponsors for their “several hundred” India students at the cost of $65 per year, to be secured.

Willie Quiruz, Cambodia has three items for remembrance in prayers:

1. For the 5 brethren who followed the Lord in baptism as they celebrated their 5th Church Anniversary in October, that they will grow in the knowledge of our Lord Jesus Christ.

2. For their 5th World Mission Conference taking place on February 25-27, 2010; that one of their Filipino missionaries will be the guest speaker, and also a Filipino Evangelist will be there for the occasion.

3. For 3 Filipino brethren to be used by God every Sunday at 6-8AM while holding a Bible study in an old garment factory in Cha Angree, Phnom Penh.

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from our missionaries

Jojo Miraflor, Cambodia asks us to kindly pray for the following:

1. Bible School Support – the primary need as this years students has increased.

2. Electricity Hooked Up – another great need as they have been 7 years without but it is now available in their area. Need $1,000 (US) just for the hook up.

3. Worship Place – The current need is for steel windows and doors. Need $3,000 (US).

Juan Aguirre, Honduras asks prayer primarily for the political situation. His concern is that preaching the gospel may continue unhindered by the government.

Bill Daab, Middle East, needs continual prayer for wisdom, discernment, and for God to work on their behalf as it is an ongoing struggle to function as an independent church – independent from affiliation with an “established religious group”. He asks we pray with him as he mentors a young man in growing as a spiritual leader, currently leading music in their church, and as he learns from him new Arabic songs. He asks prayer for 18 Iraqi Christian refugees, who are not allowed to legally work (neither are their families allowed) but want to study. For about $25 monthly, the transportation and material costs could be covered for one to take a class with them, and he asks prayer that funds will come in to sponsor these Christians. He asks continued prayer for the purchase of a vehicle ~ they have received about 1/3 the cost.

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Several Prayer Needs

Vida Holbrook, resource officer at a local school, is having tests done today. She works with Janis Wilson’s son as a Dare officer. The family is very concerned.

Pastor of Revival Baptist Church, Art Brady, has been out of work for 3-4 months, with carpal tunnel. He works at Cobb EMC with her other son. They pray that this situation will get better so that he may return to work soon.

Janice needs three more children to keep during day. She only has one full-time child now and things are getting very tight.

Waymen Major, Janice’s stepfather, is going for pre-op tomorrow (Friday) for two spots on his lungs and is expected to have surgery in next couple weeks. He is 81 years of age, and the family is very concerned.

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Please Pray!

Lurlene daughter’s, Stephanie Unger in Portland, Oregon, is seriously sick and not dealing with it well. Please pray for her.

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