please pray

From a friend… Jake McGill…

Hello all,

If possible, please add Emily & Joe McGill to your church’s prayer list.

Emily, my brother’s wife (they were married in June) has had a battle the past few years with a brain tumor. It has been removed twice yet has came back again. She has been receiving from what I understand is the strongest chemo meds out there.

I just received a call from Joe at 11:30 (Thurs) and here is the latest update.

She was admitted into the hospital on Monday in ATL because of her severe loss of balance and headaches for observation. The chemo has been fighting the tumor on the right side of her brain. However, a new rapidly growing tumor has formed in her mid-brain that they cannot operate on. The cancer in her mid-brain is wide spread and is the cause of her loss of motor function and cognitive operations. They are expecting a visit from the oncologist at 2pm to see if radiation will be an option. The docs have also contacted hospice to help take care of Em.

It doesn’t look good at all, but I’m a firm believer in the impossible. A quote from Joe’s email last night, "we’re in God’s hands now, which is not a bad place to be."

Again, thanks for the prayers, I know that they need all they can get right now.


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Prayer Request

Hey Brother

Anyways, Melissa Alvarado called me today and asked if I would please add her mother to the prayer chain? Her moms name is Diane and they just got back from Florida with her and she is in real bad shape. They finally, after alot of persuading, got her to Paulding hospital, whom in turn got a ambulance to take her to Cobb hospital because she was in such bad shape. She has no medical, job or nothing and is very afraid of hospitals. She is 54 on Monday and it looks like she has kidney failure. They are running test on her right now and they are going to have to put her on dialysis. She is not wanting too and the doctor told her if she doesn’t she will die. Melissa ask that we pray for her acceptance to the hospital, so she don’t check herself out, she will get the treatment she needs, and for healing. Also pray for their comfort because Melissa is having a hard time with this as well. Thanks for praying!

Michelle Rosier 40.gif

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From One of Our Missionaries

Luiz Nunes, Portugal writes with praises on his lips! At the time of his writing, he had their return tickets in hand and should now be in route to Portugal on this day, December 29th. He asks prayer for a man, Mr. Eliseu (Portuguese for Elisha), who was saved in Brazil (at their “farewell” service) after Luiz and his family had shared testimonies and Luiz had preached during the morning service. We can pray with him about their re-settling in Portugal after such a long time away.

Rejoice evermore. Pray without ceasing.

In every thing give thanks: for this is the will of God in Christ Jesus concerning you.

~ 1st Thessalonians 5:16-18

Only by God’s grace,

Cathy C. Cochran

Psalm 121

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From Our Missionaries

Joan Tyson, Honduras, has started by faith a re-construction project to tear out the old upstairs rooms and re-build and is trusting God to supply the $42,000 to cover the cost.

Tim Lee, Evangelist, asks prayer for his mother-in-law, Mary Hamson, who recently had a surgery and is facing yet another.

Only by God’s grace,

Cathy C. Cochran

Psalm 121

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TV’s wanted

Our GBCS preschool is in need of two TV’s that will enable our preschoolers to do learning games or watch videos during aftercare. Anyone having an old one to donate can contact Pam Covington in the preschool, 678-384-6946 or 678-384-6947. The one they did have has “played out.” Thank you!

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no surgery

The Cadenhead’s report that Jared will not require surgery. Praise the Lord.

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Jared Cadenhead

I just got notification from Tim Cadenhead that their son Jared is going in for an emergency ultra sound. If it is positive he will need immediate surgery. Please pray.

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Jim’s Mom

Hi Bro. Billy….

I just wanted to ask you to put Jim’s Mom on the

prayer chain..

She goes into Cobb Hospital tomorrow, Tuesday, and

has surgery for the clodded artery in her neck.

Her name is Juanita Lawrence… also, remember her as she

recovers, she cares for Dad Lawrence which is 88 years

old and has had several strokes and doesn’t get around

very well.

Thanks Bro. Billy

Fran Lawrence

Life Group#6

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Prayer for the Bakers

Hey Brother Billy,

I am writing to you for the Bakers. Daphne’s son is now having problems with his kidneys and they are not releasing. If he doesn’t they will have to put him on Dialysis? He has been moved back on the Intensive Care Unit (7th floor) Please continue to pray for this family as we know we have a great physicians who can do all things

Love ya

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My neighbor, Kelly Cline, who recently visited our church with us asked if I would put her step father-in-law on the prayer chain. His name is Fritz Hagemann, and he has been diagnosed with melanoma and it doesn’t look good. Her mother- in- law is not taking it well since she lost her first husband to melanoma also. I included his address if you would like to send a card.

Fritz Hagemann

403 Keeler Woods Drive NW

Marietta, GA 30064


Robin Flanagan

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