SueAnn Thomas, Missionary

I asked SueAnn Thomas about how her broken foot was healing and she responded, “slowly.” She has had to get a “boot” that velcros to the knee to keep her foot stiff and give it a chance to heal. If this doesn’t work, she will be facing surgery. Please pray that her foot will heal without surgery.

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From our Missionaries

Steven Meyer, US Military in Germany reminds us first to not lose our “Heavenly vision” of reaching the lost with the gospel of Jesus Christ, and states, “May we all endeavor to reach souls for Christ!” He asks prayer for the military families that leave to remain faithful in the Lord wherever their next tour of duty takes them, and then for themselves as they seek new families there in Baumholder. Pray for two, Paul and Justin, who were recently saved and baptized, that they will grow in the Lord and seek God’s direction for their lives. He asks prayer for the six families they have that are now expecting, to have safe deliveries and healthy babies.

Bobby Bonner, Africa needs prayer as he recovers from major operation, a total knee replacement (September 22nd) then a heart attack on September 24th caused by 2 blood clots and the insertion of 2 more stints (for a total of 11 stints), followed by his heart and lungs filling with blood, the development of a fever and infection causing him to be on oxygen, temporarily living with 2 IVx and having several blood transfusions, all within a about a week! He is now home doing rehab with his knee, but is behind on his schedule. Through it all he says, “God is wonderful and full of mercy and grace and answers prayers. God is good!” He is praying for steady recovery so that he can get back to working for the Lord, Who is worthy. To send him a note of encouragement and perhaps Christmas greetings his mailing address is:

2907 Winfrey Drive, SW

Decatur, AL 35607

Bobby Sizemore, Prison Ministry in Brazil, is currently in a time of visiting churches here in the states, and asks prayer for traveling mercies, God’s power upon him as he preaches, and to be a blessing in the churches he is able to visit. We are asked to pray for Rafael in Brazil, who desires his life to be changed from the criminal life he had been living before he was saved, and has quit the use of drugs and cigarettes since the day the “preacher” prayed with him. He and his wife Ruby will be in Brazil from December 7 through 20th and cover prayers for them as they travel, visit some prisons, and take care of a lot of office work that needs to be done.

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Paula and Marion Daniels

5125 Ray Court

Powder Springs, GA



Marion’s sister in law died this morning. He and his wife have just left to go to KY. He will be out a few days.

Could you put that on the prayer chain? It’s going to be really rough on his wife as Marion’s mother just died a few weeks ago.


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From Our Missionaries

Brian McCobb, Paraguay asks prayer for their new church. At present, he and family are on furlough but in May they (along with another family) will be moving to a new city to start a new church. They are also asking God to have the two homes needed and property for the new church in the city. (We can also pray for his wife who is expecting their third child in the spring.)

Sean Lunday, Brazil is praying for finances to finish the roof and to lay a crude concrete floor for a new church.

Dennis Anderson, Africa asks prayer for his wife’s, Sue, health, and for discipleship of Karen who recently received Christ.

Chris Rue, Ukraine would like us to pray for the family members of Maria who recently heard the gospel message at her funeral. Most are Russian Orthodox of which Sasha (Maria’s daughter) had to fight hard to prevent a “priestcraft over her body” so that the Christian funeral could be conducted.

John Wynn, Philippines has a number of requests:

1. They need their newborn baby boy’s permanent visa secured and funds to pay for it. (This is their third child born November 12th by c-section.)

2. Vernon was involved in drugs for many years before being recently saved – pray for him.

3. Norma is confused about salvation after being taught by a cult called “Born Again” – pray she will come to correct understanding will truly be born again.

4. They have money to buy land. They have money to build a building, They need God’s direction in finding the right location with all proper & legal documentation for their planned campsite.

5. Rose Ann, a first year Bible college student who is now struggling to pay her own way through college, after her aunt realized she is attending a Bible college and quit paying for it.

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From our Missionaries

John Jones, United Kingdom asks prayer for a young family, who are "babes in the Lord" and coming from a Catholic background. The husband was first saved, then a week later, his wife, after seeing such a dramatic change in her husband. Pray they will be discipled and grow in their faith. He also asks us to pray with them about a permanent building for Congleton Baptist Church; increase in financial support (as many have decreased or stopped financial help).

Gene Winfrey, Evangelist reminds us to pray that Obama’s health plan will not pass; to pray for the congress men and women who are standing against this "one -man government."

Don Hinds, Guatemala doesn’t state any requests but we can always pray for the neighborhood Bible studies he and his wife conduct, the women’s ministries she heads up, the music school, Vacation Bible School (takes place in November), and preparations for the December Christmas Presentation. Lots of things going on in Guatemala!

Bill Shade, Source of Light Ministries asks continued prayers for additional printing plant workers and about an additional $40,000 to come in that will match a $50,000 challenge by December 15th.

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piano for sale

Brother Billy,
If you know of anyone that is interested, please pass this along.
My employer has a piano for sale – a really pretty upright Mendellsohn piano with a stool. He will sacrifice it for $400.00! There is a # inside and I called a local piano company to get help with identifying it and they said it was made around 1912. It needs tuning but all of the keys work. This would be a great Christmas gift for someone who plays or someone who is learning to play.

They can call me at 770-505-2533 with questions or to arrange to come by and see it.

Thanks for your help.

P.S. He also has a wood burning stove for sale. It is a Coronado Catalytic stove. It’s very pretty – has a dark red wood look front and looks very nice!!! He will take $400.00 for it. Another GREAT bargain.

Paulette Chance

"The more we study the divine character of Christ in the light of the cross, the more we see mercy, tenderness and forgiveness and the more clearly
we discern a love that is infinite and a tender pity surpassing a mother’s yearning sympathy for her wayward child."

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Marion Daniel’s sister in law died this morning. He and his wife have just left to go to KY. He will be out a few days.

Could you put that on the prayer chain? It’s going to be really rough on his wife as Marion’s mother just died a few weeks ago.


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