Update Sabrina Barr’s Mom

The doctors have confirmed that Maria Swearingen (Sabrina Barr’s mom) has suffered a stroke and she is being transferred to Cobb Hospital.

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Requests from our Missionaries

Mohan Zaigirdar, England urgently asks us to pray for their friend, Pam, who has overdosed again (Nov 2008 was first) in effort to commit suicide. She has 3 teen boys (18, 15, 13). Their father died under similar circumstances 3 years ago. They were missionaries in Africa and part of BBF after their return here. Pray also for Leon, their younger son (16) who is on the way to India to attend a cousin’s wedding and will be representing the family. They were greatly concerned as this was his first distant fight alone.

Tim Lee, Evangelist has the following requests:

1. Dave Hooten, his daughter’s father-in-law whose cancer is back

2. Nicole Sainthouser, a 15 yr old with a rare illness

3. For America and our leaders

4. For our economy

5. For our servicemen and women

6. The safety of him and his wife, Connie, as they travel

7. Souls to be saved in their meetings

8. For the finances of Tim Lee Ministries

Justus Banuel, South India, would like prayer as they started their Christmas outreach program on December 1st going through the 23rd, with caroling and sharing the gospel message with every home they visit. Their goal is for each of their 437 churches to visit 500 homes. He also asks continued prayer for the ministry needs: school students and orphans, Bibles, property and church buildings, and their TV and radio programs.

Bobby Sizemore, Rock of Ages Prison Ministry, Brazil asks prayer as they are in Brazil taking care of several ministry matters (update documents enabling them to visit certain prisons in 2010, dentist appointments, a Christmas party at a local pizza restaurant, and some legal matters concerning their ministry in Brazil.) Pray for these and for their return to the US on December 20th. They ask prayer for the power of God to be upon them and safety and strength while they travel.

Sean Lunday, Brazil has only one request that the spark of revival that began at youth camp, would spread to become a burning flame as the tears had filled the altar, triumphs of those who surrendered to do God’s will, and lives were transformed in three young persons who trusted Christ as Saviour.

Only by God’s grace,

Cathy C. Cochran

Psalm 121

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From Our Missionaries

Tony Henderson, Bolivia South America, mention the following happenings that we can be in prayer about: A 19 year Misael has announced that God has called him to preach. After demonstrating faithfulness in service for the Lord since he was saved and baptized 6 years ago, he now preaches one Wednesday night a month throughout the next year and in January is enrolling in the Bible Institute. We can pray with Tony and a specific member of their church, for God to open the heart of unsaved family members to be receptive to the Gospel, as they were asked to present the gospel to this family. We can also pray about a new ministry recently launched in which some faithful young married couples in their church will rotate teaching their teens about dating relationships, etc.

Gene Winfrey, Evangelist, again in his recent letter, stresses the importance to pray the health care bill will fail, and to pray for the government of our beloved country for which he spent more than three years (1943-1946) serving in the US Army, stationed in Europe and the Pacific.

Luiz Nunes, Portugal praises the Lord that their VISAs have been approved and they have most of the money toward the purchase of airline tickets! Their prayer is to return to Portugal before the year ends. In this same letter, Luiz tells of a 15 year old girl who seriously contemplated suicide (backed out because of fear she would survive the fall from the bridge). Luiz’s wife, Ana was then able to spend a whole afternoon with her, sharing the gospel and led her to the Lord. Pray for Ana Paula in Brazil, as now she and her mother have come to church with their family on more than one occasion. Ana is now trying to disciple her before returning to Portugal. It is the prayer that the whole family will be won to the Lord.

Only by God’s grace,

Cathy C. Cochran

Psalm 121

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Paulding Pregnancy Services, Inc.

In the most recent letter we received from Mary Ellen Lamb of the Paulding Pregnancy Services, she announces the opportunity is now available for anyone interested in serving as a peer counselor. Training will be held at PPS from 9 AM – 1PM on January 13th, 20th, 27th, and February 3rd. The deadline for applications is December 14th to allow time to process references and order training materials (cost of the manual is $25).

Other Requirements:

After completion of training, must be able to set aside time to volunteer one day per week (9 AM-1 PM) for 1 year;

Applicants who have experienced an abortion will need to attend a post-abortion Bible study prior to training (contact the center for information on the local studies in our area);

Mail, fax, e-mail, or drop-off the volunteer application and reference forms no later than December 14th;

Schedule an interview with one of the directors prior to training.

She asks that anyone interested to please take time to prayerfully consider if the Lord is leading you to serve as a counselor for Paulding Pregnancy Services. You may contact Charity Keith at ppseducation for more information. You can also find out more about Paulding Pregnancy Services, Inc. at www.pauldingpregnancy.org.

Only by God’s grace ~ Cathy C. Cochran

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Sabrina Barr’s Mom

Please pray for Maria Swearingen who is at the Paulding Emergency Room as I type. Doctor’s do not know what is wrong but are trying to rule out stroke.

Only by God’s grace,

Cathy C. Cochran

Psalm 121

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Prayer for Wayne Forister

Please add my father (Wayne Forister), to the Prayer Chain. Over the weekend he went to the Emergency Room, due to blacking out from a severe coughing spell. They found a nodule on his lung, he has a followup appointment with his Physician Monday.

Thank you,

Michelle Wilson

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Pray for Cliff Betts

Subject: Prays for Cliff Betts

A friend of ours has asked for prayers for her brother-in-law. His name is Cliff Betts and he’s been diagnosed with inoperable lung cancer. Thanks for lifting Cliff and the Betts family up in prayer.


Maureen McKenzie Mitchell

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