From Our Missionaries

Paul Pritchard, Africa asks us to pray with him that God would grant them wisdom to teach others, as they are laying the “foundational stones” in the Cape Verde Islands for establishing a Baptist church planting movement, and that the “doctrine of Christ” be their banner in this age of heresies and deceit. He also asks prayer for the project in Guinea Bissau where several containers still await shipment, a small church that needs prayer, and 360,000 students that wait for a copy of the Word of God.

Ken Welch, Africa asks us to continue to pray the two African families (9 children ranging from age 1 to 18) that he is trying to get here to the states by August 2010 for training.

Bob Dayton, Nicaragua asks prayer for the work in Puerto Cabezas where the Mesquite Indians are and in need of a church. The land for this church has been purchased.

Julio Velasquez, Spain is almost finished duplicating 18,500 DVD’s of the gospel and will very soon be putting them into 18,500 mailboxes in Parla plus at least 10 neighboring cities, and asks earnest prayer that the recipients of the DVD’s will watch them, listen to the message, and that the Holy Spirit will begin a work in their hearts so that they will trust Christ as their personal Saviour. He also asks prayer for the new contacts he has made (neighbors from Colombia who are interested in the Gospel, and several Muslims) to make the decision to receive Christ. Their final request is for their son to secure their remaining 40% of their support so they can join them in the ministry in Spain.

Only by God’s grace,

Cathy C. Cochran

Psalm 121

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Update From Sabrina Barr

Thank you for your prayers, ladies!

Ok… So, my mom is doing great considering they discovered she has suffered 2 strokes simultaneously. They were not mini-strokes as we were hoping but they were relatively small blockages, the effects were minimal and we have been assured that she should fully recover from the slight numbness and weakness on her left side with physical therapy over the next 2-6 months. She looks great and you can not even tell she had one episode. At 2pm she is undergoing a procedure to determine the treatment she will undergo to prevent any future strokes. Please be in prayer that God directs the hands of the doctors and guides them to find what they need to take proper care of her.

Again thank you for your prayers, visits, calls, emails and facebook messages! She is feeling very loved!!!


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