Jim and his Mom

Would you please put Jim’s Mom (Juanita Lawrence)

on the prayer chain…she found out this week that the

artery in her neck that carries the blood to the brain

is blocked like 95+ per cent…she went to see a

specialist this morning and surgery will probably

be in the next week or so…

Also, add Jim, he goes after Christmas, Dec. 29th,

for a Stress Test again…Jim has a lot of the symptoms

that he has when he has blockages…If there is…

we aren’t sure what can be done…The last time

2 years ago, the Dr. told him there wasn’t much

more they could do, because the blockages aren’t

in the artery that they can do open heart surgery.

You know he has 14 stints and has had 5 angie-o-plastics

which won’t last forever….

Also, remember Savannah’s teacher (Camille Alderman)

she goes into the hospital on the 23rd of December for a

biopsy to determine if she has breast cancer or not.

Thanks so much

Fran Lawrence

Life group #6

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I have a client at work that has asked for Prayer for herself and a very

close friend.

She [ Sheryl Parsons has an appointment next week to see if a lump in her brest is

cancer or not. Please pray that it is only a cist, and her friend Lisa Pearson has just

been diagnosed with stage 4 Colen Cancer there is a cite on Facebook called Hope

you can pull up to see all the details, but pleas pray for both of them.

Thank you Love Felicia Threlkeld

P.S. Merry Christmas I love you all!!

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