please pray

From a friend… Jake McGill…

Hello all,

If possible, please add Emily & Joe McGill to your church’s prayer list.

Emily, my brother’s wife (they were married in June) has had a battle the past few years with a brain tumor. It has been removed twice yet has came back again. She has been receiving from what I understand is the strongest chemo meds out there.

I just received a call from Joe at 11:30 (Thurs) and here is the latest update.

She was admitted into the hospital on Monday in ATL because of her severe loss of balance and headaches for observation. The chemo has been fighting the tumor on the right side of her brain. However, a new rapidly growing tumor has formed in her mid-brain that they cannot operate on. The cancer in her mid-brain is wide spread and is the cause of her loss of motor function and cognitive operations. They are expecting a visit from the oncologist at 2pm to see if radiation will be an option. The docs have also contacted hospice to help take care of Em.

It doesn’t look good at all, but I’m a firm believer in the impossible. A quote from Joe’s email last night, "we’re in God’s hands now, which is not a bad place to be."

Again, thanks for the prayers, I know that they need all they can get right now.


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