Awana Quizzing

Yahoo! and Praise the Lord!

We did well in the Bible Quizzing today. We entered 2 teams in 2 different books and one team placed 1st and the other team placed 3rd! The kids did great!

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Thank you for all your prayers, we have alot going on in our family right now and we want to ask you to continue to pray for us.My brother n law Richard Norris had a stress test yesterday and they called today and advised him he has major blockage and is to be at Kennestone hospital Monday am to be admited and to adress the blockage. Please Please be in prayer for God to be in complete control, also they are not sure the Insurance company they have will pay for any of this, so please pray for the finances with all of this.  His wife [my sister] Judy Norris was suppose to be going to a heart specialist also on Monday as she has been very sick so please pray for both of  them.
My mom’s sugery went great and she is doing fine, my Dad still needs prayer for his Fractured shoulder Ronnie Moon.
And a friend of mine called today Sheila Smart and request prayer, she received a bad report from her doctor about her Kidneys and her Bladder.
I hope you all know how much we covet your prayers!! And I pray that you will join me and lift all my loved ones to the throne.
Love you Felicia Threlkeld
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From Our Missionaries

S. David Smith, Brazil asks prayer for Tiago and Angela (of two separate families/homes) who were recently visited and upon hearing the gospel were convicted of their need for salvation but did not take that step of faith. We can continue to pray for Geri as she is slowly regaining strength and on her way to a full recovery.

Only by God’s grace,

Cathy C. Cochran

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Awana Bible Quizzing

Pray for our T & T Kids that are Quizzing tomorrow. We will be at Pickett’s Mill Baptist Church from 9:00am to around 6:00pm with our older Awana club members. They are really excited about quizzing and we are looking forward to intense competition. We will announce how many awards we earn on Sunday! GO GRACE!!

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Chelsey Casteel

Please say a special prayer for Chelsey Casteel.

Monday night while she was at softball practice she was pitching and her shoulder was hurting her just a little bit. The team started to do exercises and she pushed on that arm and done something to it. We ended up in the ER Monday night until after mid-night. The doctor in the ER said that Chelsey’s Labrum (spelling) was inflamed and she needed to keep her arm in a sling (but not all the time) and not do anything for a week.

Well- she is still in pain her shoulder is very swollen so Mark has taken her to the doctor and they are now sending them to an orthopedic as Dr. McGee is very concerned about Chelsey’s shoulder and she might have to have an MRI.

Please pray that everything will be ok and that it is just badly inflamed. This is what we had to go through with Tyler (our son) and he had surgery last year. Chelsey is very upset because like her brother she loves to play softball and does not want to let her team down.

God Bless

Kristy Casteel

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from Felicia Threlkeld

Please pray for Felicia Threlkeld’s

1. mother, Frances Moon who is having cataract surgery this morning.

2. sister, Judy Norris who is having medical problems (possibly her heart) that doctors will find out what is wrong and have wisdom to “fix” it.

3. herself as she is stressed over everything that is going on in her life right now.

Only by God’s grace ~ Cathy C. Cochran ~ Psalm 121

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John Farley

John, is to go for an Echo Cardiogram this morning. After an EKG yesterday the doctor asked him if he’d had a heartache in the past (which he hasn’t that we know of) and that his heart is a bit enlarged. They are doing the Echo today to see if there is damage and what the next course of action will be.

Please pray that they don’t find anything serious and that he can be healthy again. It has been a very long time since he’s felt well.

Miss you,


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Prayer Request

My neighbor, Kelly, who has been visiting Grace with me, asked for prayer for a family friend of her mom. His name is Rodney Schneider. He is in the hospital in Missouri suffering from cancer and is not expected to live. He also has AIDS. I asked her if he was saved and she said she did not know. I ask that you pray for his salvation and send him a card. I did place a trac in the card I am sending. His lifestyle has caused him to have AIDS. Pray he will be saved! As always mark your card "Grace Baptist".

Rodney Schneider

c/o Freeman Hospital

Room 171 Bed 2

1102 West 32nd Street

Joplin, MO 64804

Holding on to HIM,

Robin Flanagan

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Prayer Request

Please pray for Tommy Maley. He is in Douglas Hospital with an infection in his body.

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From our First Time Attendees

Cindi Wall asks prayer for her son and his wife, Austin and Sandy, who are in jail.

Out of four First Time Attendee forms turned in all are looking for a church home with only one of them indicating membership with another church.

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