JAMANDRON, Kit & Janeth

Dear Pastors and Brethren,

Wonderful Greetings In The Name of Our Lord and savior Jesus Christ.

Hope and pray that you’re all doing fine by God’s grace enjoying God’s bountiful blessings both physically and materially. It’s been 4 weeks already that I emailed each one of you concerning our church and house rent. For the past few weeks, some of you responded by sending resources even though its not a big amount but it will help to pay for our rent and for us to continue to stay in this place of Ratanakiri. Thank you very much for your unselfish love and help. Really appreciate it very much. But, we still need at least US $1,000 to complete the amount that we needed to pay for our rent.

Brethren, its is really our desire as your missionaries to stay until the Lord Jesus Christ comes and continue the work, I mean the “great work” that God entrusted to me and my wife. Like what Nehemiah said to his oppressors, I am doing a great work…… Again, would you so kind to pray for this need of ours that God will provide this amount before the end of this month. Brethren, thank you so much for your partnership thru your prayers and support. God Bless you all…

Together In The Harvest,
JAMANDRON, Kit & Janeth
Missionaries in Ratanakiri
Kingdom Of Cambodia
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