From Our Missionaries

Gary Phillips, Philippines is back on the field after his extended US stay for cancer treatment, and praying for two specific things: $10,000 for youth camp and $8,000 for a vehicle.

David Smith, Brazil asks us to pray for the Soul Winning Training Course taught each Tuesday, growth of the church, God’s blessings upon their lives and the ministry and we can also continue to pray for his wife, Geri as she continues to slowly regain strength.  Additionally, pray for her as she develops the music ministry of the church, with children beginning at age 3 all the way through to a teen choir for 13 to 20 year olds beginning this month.

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Dewey Ellenburg

On Friday Feb 5, I went to the doctor for a regular
checkup (every 3 months since my cancer operation
last May 8th.) During this examination the doctor
discovered that  cancer is now present in my bladder, again.
I will have surgery on Friday Feb. 12 @ 8:30 AM.
I was able to finally convince the doctor to do this as
an outpatient procedure.  My wife can take care of me
better than the nurses and my house is cleaner than
the hospitals.
Please pray for the doctor and also for me that God’s
will be done. Thanks to all for your prayers.
Dewey Ellenburg
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A husband of a co-worker

Joe is the husband of a fellow bus driver.

He is a heart patient and has been admitted to the hospital with a nose bleed that they have so far been unable to stop.

Thank You

Mary Patterson

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Marie McDonald’s aunt, Wadene

Please pray for Marie McDonald’s aunt, Wadene (82) who lives in Orlando.  She has leukemia and has been given 6 months or less.  Pray for her mom, Wadene’s sister, who is her primary care taker (lives in NC) for strength (her own health is not great) and wisdom in getting everything in order as they will soon discontinue the treatments and bring in hospice to continue her care, as there is no hope for recovery at this point.

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Ruby Miller… my Aunt

Amy Aunt Ruby went to heaven yesterday.

This is my mom’s brothers wife.

Please pray for our family during this time. Thanks, Pastor Wood

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