From our missionaries

Art Sommerville, France asks us to pray with him that the power of God will be clearly manifested in the meetings in which two special guests have arrived (February 14th) to conduct over the next several months in follow up to the “gospel distribution campaign” that ended the first of January. Their second prayer of concern is about having two Sunday morning services as their congregation has begun to overflow their current space. This would demand much sacrifice because of conditions in the Paris area. A second alternative is a larger building in the heart of the city which would cost several million dollars. We are asked to continue to pray about these that they may have the Lord’s clear direction.

Justus Banuel, India is praying about and planning to start 20 new churches by the end of March and he covets our prayers over these new “preacher boys” and for the areas where they will serve. Please also pray for the provision of bicycles that are much needed for these boys. He also asks special prayers over his youngest daughter, Blessy as she is taking exams that began February 16th through March 19th. These exams are difficult and doing well is crucial to continuing her education hence she is nervous though feels well prepared. (Her sister, Brenda’s exams conclude on February 20th.)

Brian McCobb, Paraguay is expecting their third child in March and asks us to pray for mom’s health and for a safe delivery of their son or daughter (they chose not to find out which). Please pray for the conclusion of furlough and their return to Paraguay in May when they will see the birth of a new church.

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Prayer for Family

Please be in prayer for the family of Hubert Robertson as he passed away today. He had been in hospice after cancer treatments failed to rid him of the disease. We have been praying for Hubert for some time now. He is the nephew of Mrs. Lurlene Breaux.

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Pray for a safe delivery of our granddaughter

Please be in prayer for Nina Johnson. She’s in labor and we’re anxiously awaiting the arrival of grand child #3. Nina’s scared and nervous so pray for peace and safety for Nina and baby Savannah.


Maureen "Moe" Mitchell

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