Chelsey Casteel

Please say a special prayer for Chelsey Casteel.

Monday night while she was at softball practice she was pitching and her shoulder was hurting her just a little bit. The team started to do exercises and she pushed on that arm and done something to it. We ended up in the ER Monday night until after mid-night. The doctor in the ER said that Chelsey’s Labrum (spelling) was inflamed and she needed to keep her arm in a sling (but not all the time) and not do anything for a week.

Well- she is still in pain her shoulder is very swollen so Mark has taken her to the doctor and they are now sending them to an orthopedic as Dr. McGee is very concerned about Chelsey’s shoulder and she might have to have an MRI.

Please pray that everything will be ok and that it is just badly inflamed. This is what we had to go through with Tyler (our son) and he had surgery last year. Chelsey is very upset because like her brother she loves to play softball and does not want to let her team down.

God Bless

Kristy Casteel

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from Felicia Threlkeld

Please pray for Felicia Threlkeld’s

1. mother, Frances Moon who is having cataract surgery this morning.

2. sister, Judy Norris who is having medical problems (possibly her heart) that doctors will find out what is wrong and have wisdom to “fix” it.

3. herself as she is stressed over everything that is going on in her life right now.

Only by God’s grace ~ Cathy C. Cochran ~ Psalm 121

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