pray for Jeff Furlong

Jeff Furlong is having a heart and chest scan today. Please be praying for him.

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Tina Holloway

PJ called to let us know that Tina was not released from Piedmont Hospital as they had expected. Her medicines have been increased and though abdominal x-ray came back fine, she is still battling severe pain. They are hoping to go home in a few days. Until then they are keeping her as comfortable as possible.

Only by God’s grace ~ Cathy C. Cochran ~ Psalm 121

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Marcos Flores

Please be in prayer for Marcos Flores (in Belize) and the family as his mother passed away, yesterday.

Only by God’s grace ~ Cathy C. Cochran ~ Psalm 121

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From Our Missionaries

David Etter, China/North Korea writes: Please keep the next couple of months in your fervent prayers. We are currently planning a Summer Camp for all of the Third Culture Kids (TCK) here in our region. That should be an exciting time, and we are so please to be able to have Greg Marshall, Assoc. Pastor of New Life Baptist Church in New Wilmington PA, come and be our speaker for the week. You can find out more about him and New Life at We are expecting anywhere from 15-50 Jr./Sr. High students for this camp in July, so please lift it up.

Kevin Pestke, Africa, is preparing for the 2010 Bible Conference taking place in August at Kafulafuta. He lists below the expenses incurred from the 2009 Bible conference and the rest of his e-mail follows:

Maize – 197 Bags – 11,960,000 ($2,720)

Cabbage – 110 Bags – 3,300,000 ($750)

Onions – 90 Bags – 5,950,000 ($1,355)

Rape – 50 Bags – 500,000 ($120)

Beans – – 4,225,000 ($965)

Tomatoes – 100 Boxes – 4,050,000 ($925)

Misc. Items – 16,430,000 ($4,400)

This gives us a rough estimate as to what we need again for the 2010 conference. The total amount we are looking for in Kwacha is roughly around 48-50 million or around $10,500-$12,000 depending on exchange rate fluctuation. We initiated a small Maize project this year with the hopes of reducing the 12 million kwacha needed for that particular line item.

Please be praying for this conference – as many of you know, over 5,000+ Zambians will gather at Kafulafuta Baptist Mission to hear God’s word. Many will come to the place of salvation, many will make life changing decisions, many will be baptized, and some will be called to the place of full time gospel ministry. It is an exciting time!

Maybe your family, church, or Sunday school groups would be interested in sponsoring a particular vegetable and raising the funds needed for 25, 50, or 75 bags???

Joan Tyson, Honduras writes to request prayer for the family and friends of Honduran pastor, Carmen Carcamo who died at 1:00 AM after having a stroke a few nights ago. He was brought to Honduras by Bob during the war in Nicaragua (Bob was afraid he would be killed) and he had been preaching in Honduras for the 35 years since.

Only by God’s grace ~ Cathy C. Cochran ~ Psalm 121

Rejoice evermore. Pray without ceasing.

In every thing give thanks: for this is the will of God in Christ Jesus concerning you.

~ 1st Thessalonians 5:16-18

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Some wonderful news I must share.

I must share this glorious news. About a year ago I had asked prayer for my cousins (Kim and Charlie) in Florida who lost both their children in a car accident. They tried the fertility drugs and gave up, tried adopting but nothing worked out. About a week ago Kim found out she is pregnant and yesterday she found out that it is twins. She and Charlie have had a rough time but stayed close to God through all of this. Now He has blessed them with 2 new babies. Join me in thanking Him for this glorious blessing.

Paulette Chance

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Prayer for Tina

PJ Holloway called to let us know that Tina is doing somewhat better. She was admitted to Piedmont over the weekend with what they now believe to be complications from the third round of chemo. They are hoping to come home on Wednesday. Please continue to pray for them.

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Prayer for Andy

Chryl Gibson called and asked that we pray for her nephew Andy. He is in a situation that needs the Lord’s intervention.

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Prayer Request

Please pray for our dear friends, Andy and Sonya Anderson and their daughter, Hannah. Hannah is 21 and was thrown from a horse yesterday. She is at Atlanta Medical in the trama unit. She has 6 broken ribs, a borken collar bone and her lung deflated. They had to insert a tube to re-inflate her lung.

Thank you in advance for your prayers,

Misty Brown

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Prayer Request

Please pray for Chasity Norton and her mom, Joan Sanford. This morning Joan was diagnosed with cancer. They will be running tests to find out the specifics.

Only by God’s grace ~ Cathy C. Cochran ~ Psalm 121

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More From Our Missionaries

Edgar Asuncion, Cambodia asks prayer for the needs of their children’s schooling – they are behind in their “paces” for this year and it will soon be time to purchase for next year’s school. He asks continued prayer for the $1,005 needed for their visas. And his final request is hat the Lord would “do more in our behalf as we continue to labor in His vineyard.” He states they can no longer give out tracts in public.

Roy Montero, Cambodia covet our prayers for his family as their support dropped significantly in March. They had just enough to pay bills, but no other needs have been met.

Marcos Flores, Belize would like us to pray for the following:

1. Ms. Irene Cruz is facing trials, problems, and more; she and her three children (2 in high school/1 in primary) were evicted from her house by her ex-common-law; financial struggles to keep them all in school.

2. Mr. Feliz Garcia, 94 years old, attends their church but is confused about salvation

3. Mr. Antonio Hill, 77 years old, faithfully attends church but is kept back from opening his heart to Christ

4. The youth to get more involved in ministry and evangelism; ladies group to be faithful and good examples for children

5. For a lot upon which to build a church and the resources to build

6. Need two tires for church bus

7. For he and his wife to continue in God’s work and making a difference in the lives of people

Bob Dayton, Nicaragua is praying for the 25 men attending the Bible institute to be able to raise a scholarship of $50 per month in order to continue taking these classes.

Only by God’s grace ~ Cathy C. Cochran ~ Psalm 121

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