update on Rita O’Shields

Tim and I went to Piedmont today to see the specialist, and did not receive good news. We had been told by another dr. how the specialist could put a shunt in to bypass the varicies and liver, and the specialist said that it could not be done. He said the major vessels that he would need to connect the shunt to are blocked with clots, and the large veins(varicies) are too thin, and would be like sewing thread to toilet paper—-so it can’t be done. So, I asked him if I just have to continue as a time bomb, and wait to bleed, and he said there is no other alternative.

There are some things he might could do to help prevent the bleeding: like give me Vitamin K to help increase my clotting time, there’s another medicine I could possibly be put on; he said that he might could put another scope down my throat to see if he thinks any of the varicies could be banded, to keep them from bleeding. The GI dr. said it could not be done due to the risk of bleeding, because the vesssels are so thin. The three doctors will discuss the outcome of today’s visit, and the Piedmont Dr. said he would call me back.

Tim and I both had our tears, and dealt with it the best we could at that moment. The Dr. and nurse were very nice and understanding.

While we were there, God gave me a shot of strength, and I told the Dr. that I didn’t know what his faith was, or if he even had any, but my faith is my God. I’m small, but He’s large and in charge, and He is limitless. The doctor just shook his head and said very quietly, " I believe that."

God gave me a big, big dose of strength on the way home from the doctor and after I got home—- but believe me, I’m still struggling some. That’s only natural.

Please, Please pray for strength and peace for Tim. I was just in the bedroom and heard him crying out to God from the living room. His heart was broken.

But you know, any of us could leave this life anytime, today, tomorrow, next year, 20 years from now, etc. Only God knows when, and He already knows when each of us will be going Home.

This incident has really made me realize that God created me for His purpose: to serve, honor and glorify Him. And that is what I want to do. He is not bringing any of us Home, until we have served the purpose and testimony that He put us here for. None of us know when that will be. "One day at at time, Sweet Jesus, that’s all I’m asking from You

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Jay Huff

Please pray for Mrs. Gail Huff’s son Jay. The other day he fell down the stairs in their house and his knee cap is dislocated among other things. He came to Church Sunday Night because he wanted to see the Pastors and ask them to pray for him. He aggravated his injury even more by getting out on it Sunday and is in great pain all the time now. He has medication to help with the pain but it’s not working as well as they would like. Will everyone pray for Jay? Gail didn’t want to put this on the prayer chain because there are so many others with more pressing problems and heartache but Jay is a great guy who loves his Church and his Pastors. It would blow him away if a bunch of us sent him cards…would you do that for him? Their address is:

Jay Huff
675 Old Mountain Road NW
Kennesaw, GA 30152

He will be so encouraged and enthused if you send him a card saying you are praying for him. He will not know who you are so be sure and put Grace Baptist Church under your name on the card so he’ll understand.

Randy Cochran

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