Prayer for Patsy Pittman

Please be in prayer for Patsy Pittman and her family. Her dad, TJ Long, is in Southern Regional Hospital in Riverdale. They took him off of life support about 45 minutes ago and he is not expected to survive.

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update… death

As for Carissa…. I just got the call and yes, they found them, but it was already too late. Apparantly they died in the middle of the night of hypothermia. The Coast Guard had to call the search off late, and resumed this morning.

Do pray for Mike and Robin Ireland. They are some of the most choice missionaries I know.

Pastor Billy

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missing missionary daughter…please pray

Please see article. Carissa Ireland is our missionaries (Mike and Robin Ireland) daughter. She is here in the States and just finished another year of Bible College at PCC. She has been missing since 1:30 Sunday. Robin and Mike (in the Ukraine), as you might expect are in much prayer for God’s comfort during this time. Carissa is actually not from Georgia as the article indicates, she is out of First Bible Baptist Church in Rochester, NY, the same church Pastor Sauer who spoke this past Sunday is from. You can actually watch the video footage of the report as well.

Please lift this family up.

Pastor Wood

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