From our Missionaries

Jason Thomas, Mexico asks the following prayer requests to pray for:

1. The small group of students taking their new soul-winning class

2. The Lord to direct them to those who need Him and will receive Him

3. The FM3’s (visas) to be received!

Mohan Zaigardar, England lists the following requests to pray for:

1. Mohan’s right eye (leaking, affects his eye sight)

2. More workers – Leon’s secondary class mate took his life a few weeks ago

3. The family of Sarab, a widow with 5 children; bro-in-law and mom in India died; 2nd youngest son has major eye problems with pain; this family needs salvation and comfort

4. Funds for their airfare – summer furlough (July through August)

Lomer Hope Dela Cruz, Cambodia has the following items for us to pray for:

1. Five new students in Roving Bible Institute (Sovat, Chumruen, Sovanh, Sokunthea and Dara)

2. Health: Lomer’s sore back and neck, Grace’s ear problem, Gershom;s sinusitis

3. Safety, wisdom and protection

4. Growth of new believers

5. Training of National pastors and leaders

6. Souls saved at youth rallies held this month

Jimmy Tsoukalas, Deaf of South Africa asks us to pray for:

1. Bongani Mabuza whose desire to attend Bible college was so great he quit his job to start in January 2011

2. Restoration of a marriage; both may be affected with AIDS

3. Chris Radebaugh and his family as they are in the states for their daughter’s wedding and to visit churches

4. Several persons to keep ministering in the Deaf Katlehong church while the Tsoukalas’ are in the states for furlough

5. Their calendar/schedule during their furlough

Brian McCobb, Paraguay asks prayer as they prepare to return to Paraguay and move to their new place of ministry and for the new church being started with just Jackie’s parents, the Vernoys, and Brian’s family.

Only by God’s grace ~ Cathy C. Cochran ~ Psalm 121

Rejoice evermore. Pray without ceasing.

In every thing give thanks: for this is the will of God in Christ Jesus concerning you.

~ 1st Thessalonians 5:16-18

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