Prayer Requests from S. David & Geri Smith in Londrina Brazil

Dear Praying Amigos,

Prayer Requests from S. David & Geri Smith in Londrina Brazil for the Week of June 28 thru July 4, 2010.

1. Pray for Geri and David´s health. We have both had the flu and fever for the last week. We have both been to the doctor and both are still recovering.

2. Pray for David as he travels to São Paulo for Brazilian Mission meeting.

3. Pray for our Brazilian pastor Jorge. He will be traveling to a church three hours away and preaching there both services this weekend. We are going there once a month for 5 or 6 months until our BMM missionary returns from furlough.

4. Thank you for your prayers for our Friend Day. We had a good turn out with some first time visitors. Pray for us as we follow up on these new contacts.

5. Pray also for Alana. She is 16 and will be starting our baptismal class in a few weeks.

Thanks for your prayers for this church planting ministry

S. David & Geri Smith

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From Our Missionaries – June 28th

Art Sommerville, Europe covets our prayers that God will help them in face of all the adversaries and obstacles that satan has at his disposal to curb or stop any movement of the Spirit as they baptized several people this past Sunday and received new people into their church.

Dennis Anderson, Africa asks us to pray about the following matters:

1. Funds for their expenses when they arrive in Africa (airline tickets are purchased!)

2. Prayer for the Ireland family at the loss of their 20 year old daughter

3. Bobby Bonner, co-founder of I AM Ministries, recovering from surgery

4. Funds to feed the nationals who will be attending the annual VBS/Bible Conference from August 8th – 15th

Chris Rue, Ukraine asks prayer as they prepare to launch a new on-going tract distributing project based on an idea he did after he re-dedicated his life to Christ and before becoming a missionary that he called at that time “Tract of the Week.” Through Chick Publications they will be receiving 10,000 copies of a different “Tract of the Month” each month and would like prayer as they verify Russian translations, secure financing, and shipping issues. He also asks prayer for Casey and Sarah Kline and their baby daughter who will arrive this summer to help them in their work. Please pray for the Lord’s wisdom to be revealed to him as they seek a place to rent for meetings in the town of Yakovlevka. Apparently, the Orthodox Church has made the buildings once used inaccessible to current evangelistic efforts. Also pray for their upcoming children’s Bible Club in July and Youth Camp in August. They are praying for those of their youth who have not “sold out” to do so as well as for others who struggle to live separated lives for Christ amidst the many temptations of their port city. His final request is regarding an important decision between remaining where they are and using the church as a base and the need to build an addition on to the church OR turning the work over to a national pastor. He does not have peace about any decision and he says, “it is putting a strain on my relationship with one of my best men that I’ve invested years into.”

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Prayer / Cards for Mom

Janis Wilson called to ask that we continue to pray for her mother, Mona Major. She has been moved to a rehab center. Mrs. Major had a blockage in her leg and has had two surgeries to try to correct it. The doctors are still waiting to see if the second surgery has corrected the problem. Mrs. Major is 83 years old and has been in excellent health. She has been in the hospital for awhile and now the rehab center, it is beginning to take its toll on her spirits. She professes salvation but lacks the walk. Please take a moment to send her a card of encouragement.

Mrs. Mona Major

747 Aberdeen Drive

Stone Mountain, GA 30083

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From Our Missionaries June 29th

Sean Lunday, Brazil and a team of 4 medical doctors and 10 evangelists are preparing to go deep into the jungle to visit two Indian tribes completely isolated from society. Through medical clinics they will begin to establish relationships which will open the door to sharing the gospel, and paving the way for national co-workers to continue the work making a church plant possible. The Prayer Plea is for God’s Protection, Provision and Power to be upon this team. Their material needs are: 300 Bibles; 10,000 tracts; fuel & boat supplies. Medical needs are: decongestants; cough medicine; dental, adult & children’s vitamins; ointments/skin creams of all kinds; antacids; Tylenol; Ibuprofen; antibiotics; pacifiers; toiletries (small samples).

B. D. (in a sensitive region whose name is withheld for security reasons) pray they are able to be approved to renew their 1 year residence visa; more nationals attending their house church; development of more relationships; the Bible Institute courses; church plants as result of recorded DVD’s sent to areas where they can not otherwise impact with the gospel; children’s Ara— language courses; the fact that they are the only Americans in the region and stand out on display as such; furlough in summer/fall of 2011. Read their letter for more details!

Dr. Felipe Castro M.D., Cambodia, is praying for $25,000 US to build a housing facility for 20 more children in the Solid Rock Children’s Home (currently taking care of 45 orphans). Other prayer requests:

1. School Building Dedication on July 4th

2. Second Commencement Exercises for Solid Rock Academy Cambodia on July 6th

3. Solid Rock Children’s Camp on August 3-6th

4. Youth Camp in August 10-13th

5. DVBS taking place August 20-September 21st in the several villages

6. Church and Manna Feeding Center building dedication on September 25th

7. Church and Feeding Center Building Dedication in Tapok K’nong Village September 26th (construction still taking place)

8. Special Manna Family Day at Solid Rock Baptist Church on September 26th

9. Solid Rock Academy Cambodia school enrollment for 2010-2011 year that through the school, the children’s faith will be nourished and they will have a firm foundation.

10. For both physical and spiritual healing for the sick coming to the Solid Rock medical clinic.

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Please Pray and Help

Angela Jeffries, from the community (in Dallas, near Hwy 61), called the church office asking for help with clothing needs. She wears the following sizes:

Jeans/Shorts = 17-18

Shirts = X-large

Tennis Shoes = 9 ½ wide

Sandals = 9 ½ wide

She said she can also use other household items such as towels, washcloths, sheets, etc. She said her children’s father burned all of her clothing and stuff. If you can help her, please call 770-693-8534.

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My neighbor Cindy that just had brest cancer sugery has a need. Her brother

came and cut down a pine tree but he did not have the equipment to cut it up

and haul it away. If anyone can help her with this it would be a blessing!!

He was able to cut some of it up but not all of it, she needs the rest cut up

and hauled off or given to someone in need of the wood. you can E-mail me

at tathrel if anyone can help. Her address is 18 Highland dr

Hiram Ga 30141 right off of Nebo Rd.

Thank you Love Felicia & Tommy Threlkeld

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25 June, 2010 14:22

I have been asking for prayer for Rebecca and Josh Chandler and their unborn child. Baby Nolen was born today at 10:41 a.m. He weighed in at 4 lb. 7 oz. He is on the ventilator and is being assessed by the NICU team. Please continue to pray for this dear family. I will keep you posted with updates on the baby’s condition.


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Janice Wilson requested prayer for her mother last night and has not

been able to access her computer to put the request for her mom in.

Her mom is in the hospital and from my understanding has some blockages

in her legs and some other problem, please join me in prayin for her.

Ms. Wilson is always so faithful in praying for us and I pray that we will

do the same for her.

Love Felicia Threlkeld

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come tonight









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Update for Tammy Nichols

I went to the oncologist today. I will be having 6 treatments of chemotherapy 3 weeks apart.
The first three will have 3 different drugs in them. The last three will have one drug.
I will have 30 days of radiation, five days a week for 6 weeks. The total treatments will last for 24 weeks
approximately 6 months.
I have some swelling in my arm today and tightness in my chest. Please pray for this to go away.
I will be going to cobb hospital and having a port put in on Tuesday.
I am doing well and am in good spirits. Pray for Chris! We got a schedule today for next week and we
are in the dr’s office tomorrow and everyday next week except Wednesday. I am so glad he is
home for the summer (4 weeks starting today).
We love you all!

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