From Our Missionaries

E_____ F______, Middle E_st – pray as the government has closed 11 evangelical churches – 4 of them Baptist and 1 of those was theirs. They must purchase a building (no rental buildings and no house churches allowed) at the cost of $80,000. Also pray for their Bible College and the 73 churches to which they minister as in January 2011 a vote on a referendum to stay united as a nation or to be divided between the North and South, is a decision that is very important to them.

Mike Thompson, Paraguay – pray as they are trusting God for $4,500 to purchase tickets to cover the cost of luggage and initial expenses for moving and finding a house to rent in Paraguay.

Paul Daku, Fiji Islands – pray as they are on furlough for good travels, visits, additional support and for their young children to adjust to the change. Pray for Paul’s brother, Joel and wife Brooke as they are in charge of the work while they are away. There is an urgent need to build a toilet and shower block on their college campus whish will also be used by the church and camp ministry. It will cost around $3,500.

Bill Blomberg, Seminoles in Florida – pray as they are praying for a great revival in our nation as well as on the Brighton Reservation and other Seminole Reservations in Florida. Pray for three teachers who took the challenge to teach boys and girls during their recent VBS that these tribal members will continue to share salvation with others and become leaders in the community.

Edgar Asuncion, Cambodia – pray as they have urgent need to elevate their worship area to prevent it from flooding. Pray for the family needs to be supplied for the next month. Pray for complete recovery and protection of Jashen and Descent from fever and flu. Pray for skin allergy of their daughter, Dearly, that she has been fighting for 5 years and prescriptions/medicines are not helping. Spiritual growth and faithfulness of believers. Salvation of the Cambodians.

Only by God’s grace ~ Cathy C. Cochran ~ Psalm 121

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Pray for Maureen (Moe) Mitchell

Thanks for asking. I went for my 8 wk check up on Thursday. My donor bones are fusing nicely with my real bone and my incision is healing very well. My right hand not so much. The doc’s office called yesterday AM and I’m scheduled for nerve testing on Oct 5. I’ll then go back to the doc for a follow-up to discuss the results as well as next steps. I now have to wear a carpel tunnel wrist splint in my right to sleep in. It’s not fun because of the pressure and pain it puts on my hand. I’m not noticing a difference wearing it but I’ll give it until the end of the week. If it’s not making a difference by then I’ll call the doc. I still tire easily but that’s just part of the process. My “Recovery Supervisor” (AKA Nat) is doing his best to pace me! It gets frustrating sometimes because my mind is saying yea you can do that but the reality is I can’t. L


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From Our Missionaries

Elijah Koske, Kenya as the following prayer requests:

1. For Kenyan leaders to be trustworthy as they implement the new constitution

2. For some finances to build Bible school classrooms, dormitories, kitchen, and a library. (they have land, need building)

3. Pray for my children to be faithful to the Lord and work hard in their studies

4. For my wife and I to render our services faithfully to the Lord

5. Our car has developed some engine mechanical problems and we wish to have a better one

Jason Thomas, Mexico ask for one simple prayer in their latest letter: please continue to pray for Aidee’ and Brenda (married couple) to continue to grow in their Christian lives an for Marco and Lorena as they continue their lessons.

Art Sommerville, France requests continued prayer for his wife Irene, currently in a cast from her last fall, as they look for solutions for situation after situation that come up regarding her present condition (they are presently in France) and as their faith is continually tested.

Only by God’s grace ~ Cathy C. Cochran ~ Psalm 121

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Another update on Payton Thorton

I had an email from my sister the other day with an update on Payton. His count is coming up. He is still having some fever and fluid build up but they are trying to control that with medicine. They are real excited about what is taking place with his transplant. Please continue to pray for this family.

Submitted by Sybil Ingram

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do pray

Pleae add to the prayer list, Judy Delaney who has lots of medical issues, but is having a kidney procedure next Tuesday, Oct 6th to get some kidney stones out, not the traditional route. Linda Skinner

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Prayer Request

My grandson, Seth Baker, who is in Afghanistan said that they blew a truck

up – it was unrecognizable and 4 were killed instantly. These were in his

unit. Please pray earnestly for Seth and his buddies that God will protect

and keep his angels over them. Thank you, Ma Ma Baker Seth drives a

truck to "check points".

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Urgent Prayer Request

My daughter-in-law Elizabeth has gone back to Poland as her sister

Edie has to have surgery. She has aneurysm in her brain back of her eye.

They have to operate & Dr. said she could possibly die on the table so

please pray hard for her. Thank you

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Hazel Veal- death of a mom

After a long battle with illness and deteriorating health and faculties, Hazel Veal’s mother is now in heaven. Hazel’s sister was lovingly tending to her when she just peacefully “went to sleep.” Her son is on his way here to pick her up and they will be leaving today to “take care of things.” She is not sure how long it will be until she returns. Please remember this precious family as they grieve this loss so soon after the loss of their father.

Cards can be sent to Hazel at 3205 Grandiflora Place – Powder Springs, GA 30127.

Only by God’s grace ~ Cathy C. Cochran ~ Psalm 121

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Brittany on the road to recovery

Just a quick update: Brittany is recovering very well, she is eating well and took a shower today by herself ( of course with momma right there),
with a little help washing all that hair… Her staples are looking good, healing right up. There are 30 staples to be exact.. I spoke to her doctor today,
when Brittany feels up to it, she can go back to school. OMG…..Brittany’s follow up with the Neuro-surgeon is Oct. 13th 3pm.

Brittany is going to school that day to take her SAT test, we look forward to seeing those scores so soon after brain surgery.

Brittany took a short walk around our circle in front of our house tonight, which seem to be a bit to much, I just gave her some medicine and put her to bed
for the night. She is able to go up and down our 15 steps with no help. OMG (oh my gosh!) She is just amazing…

Our Prayer today: Was to give God all the Praise..Wow, what a testimony Brittany has to tell.

A "BigThank You" for all the emails, cards and visitors….and the home cooked meals..

God is so Good…He still has Brittany in his Hands..

We Love you all,
Patty, Larry, Brittany and Brianna

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Janice Courson

Please pray for Janice Courson. She is at Cobb Hospital room 371. The main concern is she is having severe breathing difficulties.

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