Pray for Shirley

I received this prayer request when I got home from church this morning. It’s from a dear friend of mine Susan Carithers who lives in KY. Her sister Shirley lives in Hartwell, Ga.

Asking for prayers! Last Sat my sister had a seizure and was taken to hospital. Has had a CT scan. 2 MRI’s and has to have a CTA and EEG on Wed.
We hope to know more Thursday. Possibilities include:
AVM (arterial vascular malformation) or a brain tumor. Ill keep you posted, please add her to your prayers and ask your church to pray.
I have gone to Ga twice in a week and I am still trying to finish moving. While having a frayed tendon in rotator cuff which is in much pain this morning.

Pray for Susan also she expresses an injury to her rotator cuff.

Thank you for praying for my friend and her sister.

Lisa Edmonds

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Mikey Vanegas Update

Helen called to say “keep praying” as Mikey is stilling fighting. Pray that he gets stronger as they just go day-by-day. They still plan to do the lung transplant when he is strong enough but will not do the bone marrow transplant however time is running out. The internal bleeding has been stopped. He is off the breathing machine. And his blood count us up. She says the prayers are working because she doesn’t know how she is getting through each day.

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Pray for Julie

Please pray for a young mother named Julie. She lives in Woodstock. She has been battling cancer and her numbers are increasing. The doctors are going to do another bone scan to see if the chemo treatments are working. Please pray for her and her family.

Thank you,

Leigh Fant

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woman found

Mrs. Brown has been found! She was in a wooded area near her house and has been taken to the hospital for observation. Thanks for your prayers!


Maureen "Moe" Mitchell

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Missionary Jim Taglialatela,

Pray for his wife, Sue, who has a cyst attached to an ovary that is under observation for a month to see whether it grows, shrinks or remains the same. She is not in pain at this time and they are hopeful it shrinks away. Pray that they will be able to train up leaders from the congregation in the Zaragoza Church.

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Missionary Kevin Pestke, Zambia

Please continue to pray with the Pestkes:

1. God would use our family for the gospel’s sake

2. God would clearly direct our paths

3. God would open our ears and loose our lips that we may better communicate in the local language

4. God would bring a harvest of souls

5. God would bring others to help in the work here ministering to the Chewa & Nsenga people

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Update Joyce Felder

A note of thanks from Joyce Felder to my Grace Baptist Church family:

It is with hearts of gratitude that me and my husband (Al and Joyce Felder) would like to thank our Grace Baptist Church family for the many acts of kindness shown us during my illness. Thank you for each card, meals, love gifts, hospital and home visits, and most importantly your prayers. It has been a tough two and half months, but God, our Heavenly Father has been with us through it all. After three hospitalizations and an twelve hour surgery, I am doing tremendously well. Though I am still weak God provides me with daily strength each and every day, and He is continuing to heal me. If there is any doubt as to whether God heals at his will, I am a witness that he does. What an awesome God we serve. I give praise honor and glory to my Heavenly Father for what He is doing in my life both physically and spiritually. Continue to pray for us.

With much gratitude,

Joyce Felder

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missing person

There is a 77 year old lady missing from Defoors Farm (Hill Road) since yesterday. She has on a white shirt and grey pants. Please add to prayer list and if anyone sees her let the police know. I can only imagine.

Linda Skinner

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Santos Lopez, National Pastor

Pastor Santos asks us to pray with him for his son who has been in jail for 5 months. He is praying God’s power to take him out of the jail.

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Two Freebies…anyone interested?

Available: Entertainment Center – 5’ high and 5’ wide

Television – 46’ Toshiba fits in the entertainment center – it has a real good picture but needs remote speakers

Anyone interested can contact Georgia Horton @ 404-422-4032. Must be able to pick it up – he cannot deliver.

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