from Shannon Paschal

My sister is back in the hospital again. She keeps taking the drugs even though she has been told in no uncertain terms that it will kill her. Please pray for her and for my mother. Also, please pray that this latest episode will be enough for her to be considered a danger to herself so that she can get the help that she needs. Unless she is a “danger to herself or others” we have no legal way to force her into inpatient rehab and psychiatric care and she needs long term care, not outpatient or to get her stable and send her home. She will have to be forced to go and made to stay.



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from Gail Huff

Please put out a prayer request for a sweet lady, Marjean Whiker. We met her Monday at our condo pool. We had dinner with them tonight; cooked out. Within 30 min. After going inside she had a stroke. We r at Blake Medical Center waiting for more news. She already has paralysis on her right side. Wonderful people. I love you.

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Update: William Gadsden

My father, William Gadsden, was found to have had a stroke and is in the hospital for a second night (Thursday night). We don’t know if he will be released tomorrow (Friday, 7/22). My son, Tyler, is flying out to help them on Friday. He is expected to make a full recovery, even thought it may take a while.

In addition, my sister, Melanie Gadsden, is having her gall bladder removed at 1 PM, AZ Time, and will be staying the night.

Please pray for my mother, Patricia Gadsden, during this time as she is having to work and keep up with everything (she works at night). Having Tyler their will certainly be a help with any driving to appointments or runs to the store and being at home during the night.

Fletcher Gadsden

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Wana Winfrey Update

After breaking her hip, Wana is in the Life Care Center located at 210 Collins Industrial Way, Lawrenceville, GA 30043. Phone #678-442-0777. After having had surgery on July 13th, she is expected to be in this center for another 7 weeks. Her home address is: 3965 Minnow Court, Loganville, GA 30052. Dr. Martin would like us to inundate this precious couple with cards of thoughts and prayers.

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Disciples Doing Deeds

Hello Ladies of Grace!
I just wanted all of you to take a look at our new website!
Go to:

Please take a minute to look at our site. Please visit the Forum and post your comments.
I would love to get ideas from anyone.
If you want to contribute to the things we are doing and do not have the time, feel
free to send a donation to our mailing address!

We do have a secretary and will keep up with all donations and money and you may
get a copy of the information anytime!

I am so excited about this group!

Keep Willene Davis in your prayers today!
Keep Anissa Gadsden’s father-in-law in your prayers today!
Keep Dewey Ellenburg in your prayers today!
Keep Robin Flanagan in your prayers today!

I plan to start a bible study on Discipleship at my home in August! If you are interested let me know! I haven’t set a date and time of day yet, but if enough is interested, I may do one in the am and one in the pm. They will be held on the same day. This will accomdate those who work.

I love you all!

Tammy Nichols

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Johnnie Odom’s sister

Please remember my aunt, Glynda Bailey (Johnnie Odom’s sister) in your prayers. She is having triple by pass surgery this morning @ Crawford Long Hospital.

Thanks for your prayers

Melissa Freeman

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William Gadsden

Please pray for my father, William Gadsden, who appears to be having a
stroke at this time.

Fletcher Gadsden

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Wana Winfrey- broken hip

Please pray for Mrs. Winfrey; she broke her hip July 12 and is in rehab. Cards can be sent to her at:

Wana Winfrey

3965 Minnow Court

Loganville, GA 30052

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Marital Healing

From: Hayes, Kim
Sent: Tuesday, July 19, 2011 6:13 PM
Subject: Marital Healing

Hello, could you please pray for two couples that God will restore their marriages. They are Joyce and Kevin Hayes and also Bobby and Valerie Robbins.

Thank you and may God bless you.

Kim Hayes

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Son for Sale

No, not really for sale, but his help is.

Tyler, our son, is in need of odd jobs (for pay) anyone might have, such as:
mowing grass and other lawn related activities, feeding/caring for animals while you are on vacation, transportation in his car, washing vehicles, painting fences; basically anything not needing a particular skill, but needing attention. He has transportation and is not asking for top dollar, but fair pay and if possible a good reference for a future job.

Please call at 770-745-4810 or email me, Fletcher Gadsden, at

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