FTA – August

Rob asks prayer for our soldiers in the mission fields and on our battlefields.

Another FTA is looking for a church home

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I want to 1st of all say Thankyou for all the cards and Prayers!!
They mean alot to me!! The MRI was inconclusive so I am
set for a Biopsy 9-2-11 and also a colen test 9-12-11.
Please continue to pray for everything God has planned for
me. I have already learned so much from this experience and
pray that it will be used for his Glory. I pray you know how much
I love all of you and Thankyou for your Prayers!!
Love you Felicia Threlkeld

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Prayer for co-workers son serving in Afghanistan

Please keep Thomas Malejko in your prayers – he is doing his first tour of duty since graduating from West Point this year. I told his mom that I have wonderful ‘praying’ friends/church and we would consider it an honor to pray for her and her son. Love y’all!


Vicky L. Moore, BS, MT(ASCP)

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Please pray for Junius Kaufman who has just been diagnosed with Prostate Cancer. He lives in Baton Rouge, LA and has just retired. He is a friend of Lurene Breaux. If you would like to send a card his address is below.

Junius Kaufman

PO Box 74785

Baton Rouge, LA 70874

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Prayer request

My friend and co-worker’s 18 yr-old daughter Kaylyn had a tonsillectomy 8/10. This past weekend she started hemorrhaging and had to be rushed back to surgery in an attempt to stop the bleeding. She lost 1 pint of blood and is unable to take anything by mouth at this time. Surgeons say that the ’10 day clock for healing’ starts all over again so the risk for another bleeding episode is possible within the next 2 weeks. Please keep them in prayer.

Love ya all!


Vicky L. Moore, BS, MT(ASCP)

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Prayer / Death

Betty Gray called to let us know that a young couple she knows found their 1 year old son had died unexpectedly yesterday morning. Todd & Stacy Ballard do not have a church family so Betty is asking anyone that could donate food or money to please call her as soon as possible. You can reach Betty at 770.891.5319

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Prayer Request

Shannon Paschal asked prayer for her sister, Susan. Susan has an addiction and has finally come forward to ask for help. Please remember Shannon, her mom and Susan at this time.

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First Time Attendee – Aug 14th

Thomas Wilson (and family) requests prayer for peace and success at work.

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Update on Tim Browning

They are putting another stint in uncle Tim. It is the same place they did the last one, guess it didn’t last too long! They will probably send him home tonight.

Thanks for the prayers!

Becky Dean

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Prayer Request

Please remember my dad’s brother, Tim Browning in your prayers as he was just at the doctor about his heart and the doctor called an ambulance to take him to Emory. We don’t know details at the moment but we are assuming it his arteries being blocked again. He had surgery early this year but I guess he has been having problems again. My dad is on the way down there to take my grandmother to the hospital to see him. Please just remember my uncle Tim AND my grandmother during this time.

Thank you!

Becky Dean

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