Urgent Prayer Request

Please pray – They have decided to put my son Kerry Baker’s skull back in

this coming Thursday, Oct. 6 at The Floyd Medical Center in Rome. This has

been a trying time for all of us. Pray that God will perform the operation.

Thank all you prayer warriors. Daphne (Ma Ma Baker)

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Prayer Request

Lurlene asked that we pray for her friend, Junius Kaufman, who is undergoing surgery today for prostate cancer.

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Missionary Bill Blomberg


Please pray that Seminole men and women would find deliverance not only from addictions but also from sin and the flesh as they start Recovery classes in October. Pray for son, Luke, in regard to safety, his witness for Christ, and his health as he in Afghanistan from now through December. Finally, I would ask for prayer regarding many who have been born again and baptized but who have grown cold in their relationship with Christ.

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Gordon Dowis

Gordon had a biopsy done in which they found a spot on his transplanted liver. Please pray. Cards can be sent to him at: 576 Old Dallas Acworth Road ~ Dallas, GA 30132

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Jan Sargent

DO pray for Jan Sargent (living in Florida now-Gene and Jo’s daughter) as she is scheduled for a total hysterectomy tomorrow. Already the family is troubled from all the health issues of Mama Jo, and now add Jan to their prayer concerns. May we join them in prayer.

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Jackson Flanagan

Jackson Flanagan’s 7th birthday is coming up. We will begin collecting cards to send to him Sunday, October 2nd through October 9th. Please bring your card and place in the Flanagan Birthday Box any time by the 9th. Cards will be mailed on October 10th. Receiving

cards means so much to children and parents are blessed when their children are remembered in such a little way. Thank you!

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Missionary Mike Valdez, Cambodia

Mike did not request prayer but we should pray for the Christians in Cambodia as a legal Cambodian holiday takes place on September 26-28, closing down most businesses and making it difficult for Christians to avoid this time of Pchum Beun which means Festival of the Dead. During these three days (Monday-Wednesday) Cambodians believe that the spirits of the dead come back to visit the living so the living are expected to visit one of 7 specific Buddhist temples to offer food, drinks and fruit where it is believed these spirits will be looking for their offerings. If the living fail to leave the offerings or if they cannot find the offerings these spirits will be very upset and either begin to hurt themselves or cause spells of misfortune and bad luck to fall upon their “irresponsible or negligent” living relatives. This fear is so deeply ingrained in Cambodian culture that even born-again believers are pressured into taking part in this tradition.

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Missionary Mike Ireland – Ukraine

Please pray for the young people saved at a youth camp held in August: Bob, Kayla, Aleena, Zhan, Lena, Costia and Nastia; for the village of Vryblika that God’s mercy and grace would be revealed to them (the gospel was delivered to every home of the village either by tract or in person when a special week of “tent” meetings was sparsely attended because of the local Orthodox priest’s warning that if anyone attended these meetings they would be taken out of the book of life.); for God’s continued comfort of the Ireland family; for son, Mike, as he continues at North Star Bible Institute.

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Prayer for Jo Sargent

Please be in prayer for the Sargent family. Jo has been diagnosed with Meneire’s Disease. She is very weak and can hardly walk. She sleeps a lot and that is part of the disease. She is not able to do much at all.

Gene and Jo Sargent

76 Swan Drive

Hiram GA 30141-4451

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Prayer for Baby Paige

Paige is a 10 month old little girl. Our understanding of her condition is that Paige’s heart is not able to pump out as much blood as it should. The heart itself is so large because it has been working so hard. The doctors are not sure why or when this condition occurred and they may never know.

Paige has been placed on the heart transplant list at Egleston. Today around noon she will be having a procedure done to remove a line from her jugular vein in her neck. This will require her to be under anesthesia which is a big risk in her condition. Paige, her parents, Kelley and Nate, covet your prayers for them.

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