Missionary David Smith, Brazil

Prayers Requests for the New Church in Londrina (August 23, 2011)

1. Pray for the sell of the other properties that I bought in 2004 for the new church. One of the provisos for the interest free loan is that I do not start building until I pay back the interest only loan. When I sell one of other lots, I will have the money to pay back almost the entire loan. If I sell two of the lots, I will have money left over for construction.

2. Pray for the remaining $6,400.00 we lack to reach the $30K dollar mark for the new construction.

3. Pray as we continue making preparations for start new church, which will be located within walking distance to the entrance of a new 13,000 home neighborhood now under construction.

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Missionary, Kevin Pestke

Dear Pastor

Just wanted to give you a quick update on the work here in Zambia. We have spent the last few Sunday’s preaching in the bush North of Chipata roughly 60 km out of town. We are dealing with a very illiterate group of people that have little "real" knowledge of Scripture. We praise the Lord that we have seen more than 40+ call on the name of Jesus and make that life changing profession of faith.

We would ask you to pray specifically for these new believers. There is much cultural darkness they are facing. If you haven’t had a chance – go to our blog (kevinpestke.blogspot.com) and read about the Nyau. These are traditional people that use witchcraft and fear to persuade whole villages to continue in darkness. Although we are seeing fruit I believe we need to see a major outpouring of God’s Spirit where these Nyau are in control or the church will continue to be limited and not effective.

We believe this is true spiritual warfare and ask you to fervently keep these people and us in your prayers!

Lord bless

Love in Christ

Kevin Pestke

Chipata, Zambia


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