Prayers for Joan Maggio

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This is from my sister-in-Christ who won me to the Lord –

Also to let y’all know, my sister in law and brother in law Scot do not have a relationship with Christ.

Joyfully HIS!
Proverbs 3:5-6

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Prayers for Scot Moore

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This is from my sister-in-law – Please keep them in your prayers

Joyfully HIS!
Proverbs 3:5-6

Hi everyone:

Sorry to be writing with not the best news, but need everyone to keep Scot in your prayers. Back in May, we (Maggie & I) noticed a lump on the right side of his neck – he had actually noticed it before that, but as men do – ignored it, more or less.

We’ve been to see an ENT doctor, had MRI and a needle biopsy was just done yesterday (9/6/11), results to be back in a week or so, but surgery has already been scheduled for Friday, Sept., 16 to have it removed. No matter what it is, the doctor says it has to go and Scot says it’s hard to shave around, so he wants it gone too. It could be a number of things and we’re going to stay positive until we know for sure.

Please keep him in your prayers as I know it will help and that God is in control of this and is walking with us. It is so much harder here, not having the support system that we are used to having, but I know you will all keep us in your prayers as we take this next step in finding out what is going on.

We love you all and miss you very much! I’ll keep everyone posted as we ourselves find out what is next.



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Update on Felicia Threlkeld

Went today to get biopsy results and they were also inconclusive.
The doctor says the sample taken does not seem to have cancer
agents but they are not 100% sure so has to rule as inconclusive.
I consider this a Praise!! He says to come back in 6 months and
they will look at to see if has grown etc. God sent me a wonderful
diet and I plan to do it also to help. So please just keep me in your
prayers and I hope it will be gone when I go back in 6 months.
Love you all and Thankyou for ll your Prayers.
Love Felicia Threlkeld

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