Disciples Doing Deeds needs your help!

We are currtenty seeking help in our ministry organization!There are so many oportunities if you are ready to serve the Lord!
We need the following:
A daily devotional volunteer! Our website has a page devoted to a daily devotional. We need someone who has time and is willing to update this page daily! This leader would have log in and editing rights to the site for posting!

Someone who is willing to bake homemade cookies or candies for our gift jars! This would be on an as needed basis. We have purchased 12 pint size jars with decorative lids, cloths and tags!

Someone who is willing to set up visits to a local nursing home! We have several ladies intersted in serving the elderly and we just need a leader for this area of ministry!

A bible study leader! We are in the process of starting a bible study for women. We are trying to pick a book that will be available to download on a computer, kindle or phone device for convience. We need someone who is willing to be a leader in this ministry! They would need to provide a meeting place for the studies! This is a great opportunity for someone who has been wanting to share their passion for Christ!

A online bible study leader! This is the same as the bible study leader above except instead of having meeting places it would be a bible study that is accessed through our DDD website! The leader would have log in an editing rights to the site for posting!

If you are interested in helping please contact us through our website link below: or call us at 678-761-0904, or email us at tammy

http://www.disciplesdoingdeeds.com/Contact.html This is the contact link!


Thanks so much!

Tammy Nichols, Frankie Tye, Sybil Ingram, Becky Parton, and Janis Wilson

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