Missionary Jason Thomas

Please pray for the Lord’s guidance in making a decision between purchasing a new transmission on the church van (with expected future repairs) or to purchase a newer, more dependable vehicle to transport families to and from church.

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Kerry Baker – Update

I understand today that my sons surgery has been postponed indefinitely.

They haven’t started on the skull replacement yet but please keep

remembering him in prayer. Thank you, Ma Ma Baker

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Update on Kerry’s Operation

Kerry’s operation has been postponed until Friday, Sept. 30 at 6:00 am.

due to his skull not being ready. Please continue to pray. Ma Ma Baker

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Thanks for the Anniversary Cards!!- from the Flanagans

Thank you so much for the cards for our Anniversary. That was very sweet and thoughtful of you all. It is always nice to hear from home. Looking forward to seeing you all very soon and being able to worship with you all once again!! We love you and thank God for all you do for us!! May God bless you abundantly!

Love you,


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Daphne Baker’s son…

Please put on Prayer Chain:

Please earnestly pray for my son Kerry. They will be putting his skull

back in on Thursday 6:3O a.m. at the Floyd Medical Center in Rome.

This has been out since Dec. 2OO9.

May God himself do the operation. He is the Great Physician.

Thank you; your prayers are our hope for success.

Ma Ma Baker

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from Edgar Asuncion, Cambodia

Greetings from Cambodia!
Thank you for you prayers for Srey Niel and Pisey. Pisey is doing fine now and on bed for the healing and recovery condition.

But I am sorry to tell you that the Doctors in Cambodia postpone the operation of Srey Niel until the 29th of this month for more observation. Please continue to pray for her. Srey niel personally told my wife that a ball of blood about two and half diameter is coming out every day. Kindly cry out to God that He will heal her and that the Lord will provide the remaining $200 dollars need for the operation. Please pass on to our brethren there any kind help for Srey Niel will be much appreciated. Thank you and God Bless, Brother Edgar Asuncion

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Coat Drive and Benefit Yard Sale!.. Disciples Doing Deeds Ladies Ministry


To all:

Future Yard Sale Benefit: (God placed this desire on one of our member’s hearts!)

Start saving up and donate your goods to DDD’s yard sale benefit!
We will be having a yard sale on November 3rd, 4th and 5th!
Please contact us and we will be happy to come schedule a pick up for your items!
678-761-0904 or (770) 947-1387

Future Coat and Blanket Drive: (God has placed this desire on one of our member’s hearts!)

Start gathering used coats that are in good condition for giving to others! We will be having a coat and blanket drive for those in need! We will invite members of Grace Baptist Church first and then open it up to the public!
All items will be free!
Please call us at 678-761-0904 or (770) 947-1387 if you need us to schedule a pick up for your items. We will place a box in the foyer of Grace Baptist Church for the coat drive too!

Online Bible Study:

We have a volunteer for our online bible study! She is so excited and plans to have the bible study up and running by October 1st! Keep this ministry in your prayers and log on and be a part of it!

Online Daily Devotional:

We have a volunteer for this daily devotional! This should be up and running by October 3rd!

Coming Soon:
We are currently working on a page for our site that will have member’s names and pictures on it! Along with a photo album!

We are so excited that God is putting these ministries in place! We give Him a shout of praise!!!!


Serving our Savior,

Tammy Nichols, Frankie Tye, Sybil Ingram, Becky Parton, & Janis Wilson


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18 September, 2011 07:56

I had a prayer request from Edgar Ascunsion regarding his physical needs and medication.

Friends of mine are having marital troubles, Tim and Becky Sunmer, their children are 15 and 18. Tim’s mom asked that we add to our prayer list.

Linda Skinner

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Transportation Needed

Roberta Blanton is a member of GBC. She is in need of a ride to church on Sunday mornings. If you are interested in helping Roberta, please call her at 770.635.8629.

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Prayer Request

Please pray for my husband Melvin. They found a spot on his lung that could be cancer or benign. I ask that you pray for complete healing of his lungs. Thank you very much and may God bless you.

Kim Hayes

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