Stacie Holloways brother did die. Please pray for the family.

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praises and prayer concerns

Dear Faithful Prayer Partner, Greetings in the Name of our Loving Savior Jesus Christ!!! Good Morning!!

We concluded our worship services yesterday with 3 believers followed the Lord in baptism and different decisions from the adults and widows. In connection with this we are burdened to seek the welfare of our old folks and widows who does not have a home. There are several of them who are living under a tent canvass and some are staying with their relatives. How we wish we can start a home for the aged and care for them until the Lord comes or until the time for them to be with the Lord. Would you please pray with us about this matter.

Along with this, Kindly include in your prayer time these several prayer requests

1. Delight and Jashen’s visas and passport renewal-urgent for next month $ 180 dollars

2. My wife’s medical needs $ 200

3. My 5 Childrens schooling needs of $ 1,100 for next year

4. Bible School needs $250 dollars for next month

We valued so much your friendship and really appreciate you for being our faithful partner and for lifting us to the Lord always in prayers.

May God richly bless you. Sincerely in Christ, Pastor Edgar Asuncion and Family, Your Missionaries in Cambodia

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Urgent Prayer Need

P.J. Holloway & son Parker are traveling to St.Louis, MO. as Parkers wife’s

brother, STEVEN LAROSE was in an explosion and has 3rd degree burns on

his body. He is being life lined to a hospital which is able to work with burns.

P.J. says that they have been told that this is very critical so everyone please

pray for Steven that the great physician will touch his body. Thank you

Ma Ma Baker

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Cambodia Flooding

Dear Partners,

Warm greetings. Since August 2011, the widows island has been flooded. Transportation, no potable water supply, lack of firewood, the prices of prime commodities went up. Yes, they are in dire need of help but they never asked for aid but prayers. The situation is very difficult but they never lost hope knowing that God will never leave them nor forsake them, says Om Vang, the leader of the widows.

We covet your prayers.

In Christ Alone,

Pastor Leo Tago

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pray for Co-worker

Please pray for my co-worker, Jerry Heltzer. He had robotic surgery last Sept on his heart for blockage. He found out this week he now has blockage again in both main arteries 60%. They are considering open heart surgery or stints and treat with medication. Jerry is very discouraged and depressed because of this. Please pray God will show him exactly the treatment path he needs to take.

Thank you.

Lisa Edmonds

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Lisa Lawson asked for prayer for RJ Rogers. RJ is a young man that was in a motorcycle accident yesterday evening.

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Prayer / Cards

Mrs. Martin had outpatient surgery on Tuesday. She is doing well but please be praying for her quick recovery. She would certainly welcome your Get Well and Encouragement wishes.

Mrs. Barbara Martin

207 Davis Rd

Hiram GA 30141

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Missionary, Dan Dwire, Uganda

On November 2-3, our oldest orphans will be taking the Primary Leaving Exam (PLE) to determine whether or not they can advance to Secondary School. They can take the test up to two times. If they do not pass either attempt, their education is over. This puts a lot of pressure on these children. Please pray that they will do their best and that their results and the way they take the exam will glorify God. Since this is our first year to have students take the exam, it will also be one of the main factors in the opinion of the community about our school and overall ministry. Thank you for your prayers for this important exam.

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Missionary Todd Flanagan

Please pray for the following concerns: 1) completion of translation of discipleship and class materials for Bible college students into Khmer language; 2) current continued flooding throughout the country – that no more damage will be sustained through the remaining weeks of the rainy season; 3) witnessing opportunities & salvation for Mike & Borey, Sambo & Family, Soknith, Navaan & Family, and Soma Nordom; 4) continued spiritual growth of 12 young people Todd is discipling; 5) spiritual growth of Bible College students; 6) San Meal & Chanla, two of the most recent graduates, starting their own works in their home province; 7) continued good health and safety for the family; 8) obedience & surrender to God’s will being accomplished in their lives each and every day.

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update on Jimmy’s dad

Thank you. We just got results from the upper GI which found an infection and pallups in the stomach. Both are being sent off for testing. They did not find any bleeding or enlargement in the throat. The doctor is giving him antibiotics and will do the biopsy on the liver to determine the severity tomorrow to find out what our future options are.

I know He tells us in His Word that He will not give us any more that we can bear, but it sure is getting heavy!

Jimmy Wright

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