Jimmy Wright’s Dad – Prayers Requested

Dr told Granny, Jimmy’s mom, Gail –today is her birthday– and the family, that short of a double transplant miracle (kidney and liver), there is nothing else they can do for his dad, James Wright.

The Dr will call the transplant center today to see if there is a miracle available.

We are asking that you keep Jimmy, his mom and all the family in your prayers during this time.

thank you

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Prayer request – suspicious lump

My friend just called to ask for prayer – her husband found a suspicious lump in his groin and was heading to get an MRI – he had just finished treatment for Lymphoma this past summer after doing 2 years of quarterly chemo treatments. We would love this to be nothing. Thanks for your prayers.

Love ya!


Vicky L. Moore

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DDD has a Need!

To all,

Hi, it’s Tammy Nichols with Disciples Doing Deeds! I had a family call me a few weeks ago needing help with getting a pair of eye glass frames replaced for their daughter.
She is special needs and is on Medicaid by they wouldn’t replace her broken frames. The place where they were originally purchased wanted $150.00 to fix them.

I told her to go to Walmart and we could help her! She did and Walmart charged her only $9.00!!! She took care of the charges. I asked her if they needed anything else and this is
all she requested below:

She has two daughters and has everthing she needs for the oldest already.

The youngest one wants a MobiGo learning system from Vitech. She is two years old. These systems cost approximately 60.00 and the games are about 20.00 each.

I wanted to put this on the prayer chain in case someone out there may have a used one or some used games they could donate before we purchase.

If you would like to make a donation for these items you can do so through our website at:


Please call me at 678-761-0904 if you have any of these items!

Thanks so much!

Check out our updated website at:


We are beginning a new book study called "Do you Know Who I Am" in January!!!!

Love you all!

Tammy Nichols
President of Disciples Doing Deeds

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Our Daughter- from a FCA Missionary

Our daughter, Caitlyn, had surgery on her knee today after fracturing her Patella 2 weeks ago. A lot of you have faced this with your own children in some way and know it’s hard having to watch your “baby girl” have to be induced to sleep for a surgery. TOUGH to watch when she is nervous and your helpless. They had to flip her knee cap over and re attach some cartilage and place 2 pins that dissolve. Our prayer is that it will mend itself and they not have to go back in and remove it. Apparently she has abnormal blah, blah, blah, where most of us have grooves that our knee caps kind of ride in, she doesn’t, making her very susceptible of this re occurring in both knees. She is in a bit of pain and resting now. Thank you for any intercession.

Him up, me down,

Robbie Finley



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Dr. Martin’s health

Just a note to let everyone know I am at home and recovering from the heart attack I suffered on this past Saturday. I am doing very well according to my Dr. and can expect to fully recover. Thank God I was rushed, by ambulance, to the hospital in time that no damage was done to the heart. The procedure revealed two blockages, one 100% the other 95% and a blood clot in the artery. The 100% artery rerouted itself, the 95% artery had to be stinted and the blood clot removed and all was successful…God did a miracle in preserving my life for which I am more than grateful. I’d like to say a great big “Thank You” to all who prayed for me and sent cards and made visits. I am back at the office for a limited time each day, and not able to preach for a while, but all in all I’m doing well.

Bro. Martin

Proverbs 3:5-6

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Upcoming Birthday

Mikey Vanegas, still in North Carolina awaiting the transplant, has a birthday on December 7th. The address, to remember him with a card is: 2101 Umstead Road – Durham, NC 27712.

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From a FTA

Joseph Dambreville asks prayer for his family (a wife and 2 children; son in college; daughter in High School) and is appreciative of all prayers on his behalf, saying, “May the Lord bless you all.”

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Praise and Prayer

Lisa Lawson thanks God that Ricky will be training all shifts in his new company and asks prayer for their finances with the job change (mortgage, bills, truck and tags due); remember Dr. Martin for a speedy recovery and his family; she prays God’s will be done in all things.

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Prayer request

One of my clients informed me of a prayer request for a dear friend of hers – This friend’s husband had a massive coronary the other day and while the emergency care he had was immediate, they are finding no brain activity at this time. Her friend’s health is not that great being a Lung cancer survivor and dealing with Lupus as well. She evidently has a wonderful support family network but the decisions she will be needing to make over the course of the next few days will be difficult to say the least. Please be in prayer for this family during this time. Love ya all!

(we have so very much to be thankful for!! – We have each other and what a blessing that is!)


Vicky L. Moore, BS, MT(ASCP)

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Prayer Request

Please pray for Wanda Gardner. She has a blood clot in her leg and is also having some test run and they are awaiting the results.

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