Dr. Martins relatives…

Please pray for my Aunt & Uncle in Tifton. My Uncle Donnie just was diagnosed with Bone Cancer and will get the results of the type of cancer tomorrow, November 8th. He is a local police officer in Tifton of 25+ years, and is hoping to be able to stay on the force during this time, but not sure yet if they will keep him or make him take retirement. His wife, my Aunt Charlotte (My dad’s youngest sister) has also been given news that she may have breast cancer and they will get the results this week regarding those test too. They have only one child, Timothy and of course he is struggling right now on how to help them financially and emotionally because of not having any siblings to help. Please pray for the whole family and our extended family too during this time.


Laura Martin Lee

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Ride to Church

Roberta Blanton used to faithfully attend church but has not been able to get here since the bus route was discontinued. She would love for someone in the Austell area to pick her up. She lives on Wesley Road. If you would like to arrange to pick her up each week, please contact the church office for contact information.

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Missionary, Bill Blomberg, Seminole Indians in Florida

Some exciting things have been happening on the Brighton Reservation! I don’t want to disclose all the details right now, but God is definitely expanding our ministry. Please continue to pray that God would overcome any opposition from Satan as we advance on his long held territory.

Our recovery program has not set any attendance records but of the handful that have been faithful, one of them is the assistant to the chairman of the Tribe and is working with the chairman to establish a mentoring program for recovering substance abusers. This young man had hardly any exposure to Bible teaching; certainly not in the realm of breaking free from drugs and alcohol. As the classes progress he is actually able to understand God’s plan for salvation and recovery through the power of the Gospel! I can envision him explaining Bible truths to the Chairman as they seek to instate a program for the Tribe. Pray that the Word of God will find fertile soil as we sow it in the field of recovery.

Please continue to pray for our son, Luke who is doing well in Afghanistan. We appreciate your prayers for him as his base receives mortar attacks quite frequently, not to mention the danger inherent to his job as a member of the 82nd Airborne Combat Aviation Brigade. If you would like to contact him, his address is:

Blomberg, Luke

F Co TF Corsair 2-82nd


FOB Shank

APO AE 09364

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Lisa Lawson’s Neighbor

Please pray for Jewell Holley who lives across the street from the Lawsons. Jewell fell and broke her right hip and is having surgery today (Monday 7th) at Cobb Hospital.

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Son in law Greg Sullivan having heart cath @ Rome Wednesday. Friends of Greg’s and mine, Brian & Tonja Bishop found their daughter dead this morning, possibly aneurysm, went to bed with head ache, small children, no husband in picture to help. Linda Skinner, will post address later for cards.

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