Please pray for former members of Grace, Jeff and Sondra Smith and their family. They just found out Jeff’s father, Mr. Smith, has a cancerous brain tumor the size of a tennis ball and it is the fast growing type.

Some people may know him as he operates “Smith’s Produce” at his home on Clarkdale/Powder Springs Rd. His sons Jeff and Julian help him at times.

Pauline Thrasher

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Ride to Church

Jingi, a lady from our church, needs a ride to church as her car is out of commission. Knowing prayer changes things she is asking prayer for her situation but also that someone might be able to pick her up. She lives in Marietta off Cunningham Road (by County Services Road). You can call her at 678-791-5472 if you are able to assist her in this time of need.

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Prayer Request

Please pray for Randy Stubblefield’s mother, she is in Grady hospital in the burn unit.

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Prayer Request

Bill Basey asked prayer for his mother, Deen Whitt. She had exploratory surgery yesterday and the doctors did not have a good report.

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Family in Need

Ladies and Gentlemen,

I got a call from Mrs. Reynolds at Grace Baptist Christian School. They learned of a family in need while asking parents who may need a Thanksgiving meal!

There are three children living in the Hiram area with their grandparents. Their mother passed away and the dad is to stricken with grief to take care of them.

The grandparents had to get them from their school in Kentucky and bring them home with them. The grandparents are having a hard time taking care of them.

There are needs for winter coats:

I need sizes:

7/8 for a boy age 6

7/8 for a girl age 6

6 for a boy age 5

If you have a used coat in good condition, please call me at 678-761-0904. If you can purchase one and donate it please let me know ASAP.

Grace Baptist Church is providing this family a Thanksgiving meal box. The School is providing them with food the following week. I plan to talk to this family and see if they have visited Helping Hands. This facility can help them apply for food stamps if they qualify and that will give them a lot of help with food.

Thanks to you all!

Tammy Nichols,

President of DDD!

Proverbs 29:7 "The righteous considereth the cause of the poor: [but] the wicked regardeth not to know [it]."

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