Espy’s address

Do pray for Marilee Espy in the loss of her dad.

…address is 254 Jamestowne Drive Douglasville 30134

Randy Cochran

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Pray for Lisa

Please pray for Lisa who is Madeline Hudgins daughter. They have been the church accountant for years. Lisa was hurt in a motorcycle accident in Cozumel, Mexico and suppose to be flown home today. She tore her left arm up very serve to tearing the muscles and ligaments. They could not repair it there so she is having to wait until she gets to the states to get anything done for her arm. The doctor here in the states said it will take several surgeries to reconstruct her arm. Also Madeline’s husband Doyle will have surgery on Thursday for a very large cyst on his kidney. Please pray for this family.

Thank You,

Barbara Martin

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Good News – Platoon on their way home!

Please pray for their continued traveling mercies….

Vicky L. Moore, BS, MT(ASCP)

Good Morning,

I just wanted to let you all know that my son Thomas and his platoon are out of Afghanistan and they are in Kyrgyzstan waiting for a flight to Germany (home base station). He will be home for Christmas! Thank you all for keeping him in your prayers!

Eileen Malejko

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update and death

Thanks for prayers, my soninlaw, Greg’s heart cath was good, next step is to check out gallbladder and then weight loss surgery.

Tonja & Brian Bishop 113 Chestnut St, Trion GA 30753

Daughter died suddenly last Sunday night. Visited with them on Thursday and they have ruled out aneurysm, stroke, heart attack, etc. Waiting on all the lab reports.

Please send these dear people a card and include Grace Baptist, friend of Linda Skinner on the card. I know they will be so grateful for your prayers and kindness. You never know until you walk their steps what they are going thru.

Linda Skinner

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DDD Meeting Tonight! Child Care Provided

Let all the ladies know that Amy and May will be here to provide child care for tonights DDD meeting!
We have a large playroom in our basement!

Tammy Nichols!

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Lets Praise The Lord!

Hello Gracites!

It is offical DDD now has a federal tax ID number and a checking account! Thanks to our wonderful Lord and Savior the sweet lady at the bank is even taking off the fee for our checks!

The account is in Disciples Doing Deeds with Frankie Tye and myself listed as signatures for our organization!

It is a business, not-for-profit, so there are no fees or minimum balances required!

We are having a meeting tonight!

We plan to discuss our 2012 budget and goals!

We also plan to talk about the new "TEAM" plans that we have put in place.

We hope to see you tonight at 6:30 for snacks and drinks, and the meeting will start promptly at 7pm!

Another Praise! We had three responses to our family in need. We collected some light jackets, sweaters, and a sweet soul of Grace donated enough money to purchase each child a winter coat! Thanks be to God for that sweet holy spirit that worked in her heart! We have also purchased three new pair of winter pajamas for the kids! I have talked with the grandmother of the three children. I will be delivering the items to this family today at 5pm! I plan to give her some information on our ministry and invite her to church. Pray that they visit with us, because I do not think they have a church family! The church is suppling this family with a Thanksgiving meal and helping sponser the children for Christmas!

Thanks and I love you all!

Tammy Nichols,

President of DDD

Proverbs 29:7

"The righteous considereth the cause of the poor: [but] the wicked regardeth not to know [it]."

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