Lisa Home

Please pray for Lisa Edwards who is the daughter of our accountant and our bookkeeper. She finally made home last night about 6:00 PM but was 2 hours going through customs. She is now in Fayetteville Piedmont Hospital. She will have surgery tomorrow (Wed) on her arm and hopefully the plate will take. She has so much infection in her body that she is very badly swollen.

Barbara Martin

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Missionary, David Smith, Brazil

Please pray for Geri´s Ladies Christmas Tea that will be held this Saturday (Nov 19). Currently they have 36 ladies signed up for this weekend.

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Prayer request

My dear friend and co-worker has a few prayer requests:

1. Her husband’s grandmother, with whom they were all very close to, just passed away – they leave Denver on Monday for the Ohio funeral.

2. Her eldest daughter (18y/o) has a very serious issue with Bi-polar disease and is refusing to take her medication; she is quite violent and belligerent when she is OFF her meds and the younger sisters are terrified – their home has become a war-zone. Her daughter has decided to leave Denver and move back to Ga. next month but she has no job and says she is moving in with a girlfriend, whose household is pretty unstable. My friend and her husband are ‘finished’ and honestly do no know what to do but let her go. (This family does not know the Lord)

Please be in prayer with me for them – love you all


Vicky L. Moore, BS, MT(ASCP)

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Arrangements for Don Turner

The following arrangements are for Don Turner, a member of Grace Baptist Church and dad to Marilee Espy.

Bellamy Funeral Home in Hiram. Visitation is Thursday, Nov 17th 11:00am – 12:00pm with the funeral immediately following in the chapel.

Sam Clark will be preaching the funeral.

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District Evaluation today 8-2pm 11/15

Please be in prayer for Alayna Walter and her entire school as the District will be coming in to evaluate them today from 8 until 2pm. This is a Title 1 school that is very much at risk.

I know I’ve told some of you how this 5 minute evaluation can make or break a teacher since the evaluator has no idea what has occured in the classroom prior to that evaluation nor how things resolve after that evaluation. Alayna was praying her evaluation would occur during small block period today. I am praying that ‘His’ light will so shine and that she will feel the presence of the Lord especially during this stressful time, as will the other teachers in her grade. I am praying that satan will be bound by Jesus and that the devil will not have any power in any speck of real estate of that school property the rest of this week.

Thank you for praying – love you all! Enjoy this glorious day!


Vicky L. Moore, BS, MT(ASCP)

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