Christmas Help

After receiving numerous calls today from the community asking help for Christmas one lady has called and all she wants is a turkey for her Christmas dinner. Please contact Cathy Cochran in the church office if you can and would like to provide this for her.

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From our Missionaries

Mohan Zaigirdar, England – The start of a Ladies Activity Group as perhaps a “Men’s Meet” in January, opening opportunities to fellowship, play games (some have never played a game in their life!), sing and sharing the gospel and to pray.

Mike Valdez, Cambodia – They will continue to be instruments in the lives of the children to bring transformation into their lives.

Steve Meyers, Germany – Troops in the field and their families left behind.

Jim Taglialatela, Spain – Unresolved issues between parents and children, people who worked together in the ministry, and even between longtime friends; that both sides of each situation would recognize their responsibility in bring peace and forgiveness.

Bobby Sizemore, Prisons – Left for Brazil on Dec 5th to visit prisons, celebrate Christmas with the five national pastors that he is working with, and to coordinate his 2012 schedule with them; he will return to states on Dec 20th.

All ask prayer for souls to be saved during this season when people seem more open to the gospel!

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Terrence Gentry

I just left the hospital visiting with one of my employees, Terrence Gentry and he is very sick. They are preparing to transport him to Piedmont Hospital at this time.

His heart is working at about 20% and this morning his kidneys were showing signs of not working properly. Basically his condition has been diagnosed as Congestive Heart Failure and if you’re familiar with this at all you know that it can be very difficult to work with. He is in extreme need of our prayers. The next several days are crucial for sure.

Please pray for him, his wife Nikki and their three children. Terrence is 45 years old and is a really good Christian, always has a smile on his face and just one of those people who is always having a good day. This sickness has really just came out of nowhere. Please pray.

Thanks, Greg Roberts

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