Praise and Prayer

I just wanted to let everyone know that I had an MRI of the brain for my headaches.
I have been suffering with a headache everyday since Thanksgiving week.
The MRI showed NO SIGNS OF CANCER! This is a praise!
The MRI showed some ischemic changes in the frontal lobe and in a vessel.
The oncologist thought it may be a sign of a stroke.
I went to the neurologist yesterday and PRAISE GOD it is common in migrance patients
so these changes are not ischemic (stroke)!!!
I am to keep a diary of my headaches! I have been suffering and only taking my
medication twice a week and he let me know that I could take it up to 5 times if needed!
What a blessing!
He may start me on a daily medication to prevent the headaches if he sees a need when
looking at this months diary.
Please keep me in your prayers! I have been headache free for 4 wonderful days, but
I got a miagrane today! Hopefully it will go away and not come back! I just took my medicine.

Tammy Nichols!

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David is home

Hi Brother Billy,

I really don’t know where to start to thank everyone for everything they have done for David and I this month. My recovery from knee replacement seems to be ahead of schedule and I have started outpatient rehab, David’s family is of course still mourning and missing his Dad, his sister is at home and has very few problems from the stroke and Praise the Lord David got to come home from the hospital yesterday. He is in quite a bid of pain but that is to be expected. He follows up in 2 weeks with the orthopedic surgeon and vascular surgeon and starts rehab. We want to thank everyone that called, sent text, visited, sent cards, brought food but most of all for all the prayers. I really felt the prayers that were going up while I was waiting in the emergency surgery waiting room Christmas Eve night and again Monday when they closed his incision. "Thank you" does not begin to express what we both feel for our church family but we did want to try to express our gratitude and above all our thanks to our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ for showing us His mercy and his love. We love you all, Carol & David Kimbro

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