Missionary Edgar Asuncion, Cambodia

Please pray for the needs of Bible school students as well as the family’s visas for 2012.

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Death / Cards

Please continue to pray for David Kimbro as his dad passed away this morning. It has been a rough week for David, his sister is in ICU with complications from hip surgery and Carol is still rehabbing her knee from the surgery she had a week ago.

Sympathy cards can be sent to:

David Kimbro

705 Clarkwood Rd.

Rockmart GA 30153

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Elijah Tyler Cochran arrived at 11:28am. 7lbs 7oz Congratulations to Daniel and Candace Cochran (also Randy and Cathy Cochran, proud grandparents)

Daniel and Candace Cochran

20 Charleston Pkwy

Dallas GA 30157

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Candace Cochran delivering

Candace Cochran is in the hospital and she and Daniel (with parents in tow I might add—can you say Cathy Cochran is excited to be a grandma?? J) —they soon will receive this gift of birth. Pray for them.

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pray for the Kimbros

David Kimbro expects his dad to be with Jesus by morning. Please pray for this family during this time. As most of you know, Carol is till recovering from knee surgery as well, so this family has really been through it.

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Prayer request – suspicious lump UPDATE

Update – PRAISE – nothing to be concerned with at this time!

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Shout of Praise!

To all,

I went to the doctor on Tuesday to have my blood checked. It is the first time my tumor marker has been checked in four months!

I have a friend who has the same cancer as me, and she was triple negative stage 3A. (no cancer in lymp nodes) Her cancer returned 25 months after diagnosis. She has been in a trial in Florida for the past year and it has stopped helping. She now has cancer in her spine, two places on her liver and it is growing the most in her lymp nodes under her arm.

She is heading to North Carolina for another trial. Please keep her in your prayers (Michelle), and with this in mind, please do not leave me out of your prayers!

I had stage 3C with cancer in 12 lymph nodes, and they called me and let me know that my tumor marker is holding steady at 23!!!!!! I was so excited and feel so blessed here at Christmas! I give God all of the glory and am thankful for His hand on me! I am now 19 months from diagnosis!

My tumor marker history:

Before surgery it was 55

After surgery it was 44

after chemo steady drop each 3 month check lowest in August at 23!

December (this month) 23! Praise God.

They do not have to do a body scan unless the number increases to 38 or above!


Tammy Nichols,

President of DDD

Proverbs 29:7

"The righteous considereth the cause of the poor: [but] the wicked regardeth not to know [it]."

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DDD has a NEED!

DDD has a NEED! Can you help?

We have a family in need of food. We are stepping out in faith and taking them grocery shopping today. Please donate to this cause! Every little bit will help! You can donate through our website with paypal or credit card at the following link:
Tammy Nichols,
… President of DDD
Proverbs 29:7

"The righteous considereth the cause of the poor: [but] the wicked regardeth not to know [it]."

Thank you and God Bless you all!

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Christmas Help

After receiving numerous calls today from the community asking help for Christmas one lady has called and all she wants is a turkey for her Christmas dinner. Please contact Cathy Cochran in the church office if you can and would like to provide this for her.

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From our Missionaries

Mohan Zaigirdar, England – The start of a Ladies Activity Group as perhaps a “Men’s Meet” in January, opening opportunities to fellowship, play games (some have never played a game in their life!), sing and sharing the gospel and to pray.

Mike Valdez, Cambodia – They will continue to be instruments in the lives of the children to bring transformation into their lives.

Steve Meyers, Germany – Troops in the field and their families left behind.

Jim Taglialatela, Spain – Unresolved issues between parents and children, people who worked together in the ministry, and even between longtime friends; that both sides of each situation would recognize their responsibility in bring peace and forgiveness.

Bobby Sizemore, Prisons – Left for Brazil on Dec 5th to visit prisons, celebrate Christmas with the five national pastors that he is working with, and to coordinate his 2012 schedule with them; he will return to states on Dec 20th.

All ask prayer for souls to be saved during this season when people seem more open to the gospel!

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