Vicky Moore’s client’s Mom in ICU

with Congestive Heart failure – please be in prayer for this Mom and her family.

love you all


Vicky L. Moore, BS, MT(ASCP)

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Employee of Jeff Furlong

Jeff called to ask prayer for Robin Jones: yesterday he was diagnosed with throat cancer and today (Tuesday) is going to Emory for a second opinion.

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Peyton Marie Carr

Pastor Martin/Pastor Wood. I would like to request you pray for my Grand Daughter Peyton Marie Carr. She is 2 ½ years old. She is currently in Egleston Children’s hospital. She has been diagnosed with Aplastic Anemia (Blood Cancer). She was scheduled for a bone marrow however it has been postponed due to her having an infection in her lungs. The doctors have been treating it however she is not progressing like we need .

You probably cannot place who I am. I have been visiting the church for about six months. I sit behind both of you about two or three rows back. You may know me from umpiring some of the church baseball games.

I know God can heal this child and prayer is the most powerful thing in this world. Please put her on your payer list and in your hearts and pray for God to heal her. She is my first grandchild and she has my heart.


Mike Carr

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Just wanted to ask prayer for my friend, Deidra, after the passing of her mom, Vicki Garrett. Todd will be doing part of the funeral tomorrow at Gene Davis. Vicki was suffering with stage 4 lung cancer and passed on Sunday. I want to thank the youth again for their work in her yard a few weeks ago. She was so pleased and felt so special that others would help her and send her cards. Pray for the service tomorrow. There will be several people I have not seen since high school and this is just another opportunity to share Christ. Thank you in advance. I included an address for sympathy cards.

~Robin Flanagan

Deidra Garrett

254 Vinings Retreat View

Mableton, GA 30126

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28 February, 2012 10:38

Please add to prayer chain, Megan and Matt In Mississippi, 2 year old went exploring while all of the family and friends were outside and fell into a culvert and drowned before he was found, Dad was in Scotland working imagine having to fly home alone knowing your child had died.

Also, I am going to my son in law’s for a few days as he is extremely sick and his wife has to go to Atlanta to her office this week, will not be there Wed. missing you and Grace.

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Prayers for a dear friend…from The Mitchell’s

Bro Billy,

Please add Smitty to the prayer chain. His wife is the one that took such wonderful care of my step Mom. Smitty is a diabetic and he and Joan had planned to spend Jan thru March in FL and Myrtle Beach. They had to cut their trip short and go back to Troy, NY this past weekend. The mention of Vivian – she was my step Mom’s best friend since they were in elementary school. Here’s today’s update:

Smitty had his podiatry appt this morning it was much more serious than we thought. The pad on his right foot is gone so he is walking on bone therefore the wound will not heel. He has to have the bone on the right side of his foot removed so the wound will heal. If this doesnt work I hate to say what will happen. He said if he loses his foot he can get a job at IHOP then he cried. (You’d have to know Smitty to appreciate his sense of humor!) I have to call Vivian at 5 to see if the Cancer is back and I will let you know.

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Ashley Flanagan’s Birthday

Just a reminder that Ashley’s birthday is coming up on March 3rd. If you would like, you can bring cards and place them in the Flanagan Birthday Box in the foyer through February 29th (or mail to the church office) wishing her a great day. Thanks for remembering our missionary family in this way!

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Missionary, Edgar Asuncion, Cambodia

Imagine going without power for 6 to 9 hours a day and then pray for stability in the current and/or funds for a generator to help maintain power. Also pray for the salvation of children during the upcoming Children’s Day on March 11th. Bro Edgar also asks prayer for 6 recently saved children as they are being discipled, that they will understand and follow the Lord in baptism. Let him know you are praying:

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Missionary, Jim Taglialatela, Spain

Pray for the Lord to make “crystal clear” his perfect will regarding a pastor for the church and specifically about Sergio Martin (and his wife, Yolanda) taking this position after 2 years without a pastor. Also pray with Jim as his responsibilities at the church are diminishing and he seeks the Lord’s guidance for their future in Spain. Let them know you are praying: jim.taglialatela.

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GBCS Baseball

Baseball Games tomorrow at home (Legion Park, Austell Ga)
-1st game 9:00 a.m.
-2nd game 11:00 a.m.

Go Eagles!!!!!!

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