Garland Odom

Please remember my dad (Garland Odom) in your prayers. As most of you know dad has lost vision in one of his eyes due to Macular Degenerative Eye Disease. He has been having problems with the other eye, but since he had just gotten new glasses he thought they were needing adjusting. He went to the eye dr. this morning and they have discovered he now has it in the other eye. He will be seeing a specialist to see if there is any way they can slow this down.

Again..Please remember him in your prayers,

Melissa Freeman

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Tammy Nichols update


Please ask everyone to continue to pray for me. I got my tumor markers back and they had increased two more
points in a month.
I am going in for a pet (body) scan on May 1st!
My appointment to go over the results with the doctor is not until May 7th (the following Monday).

Please pray for our DDD garage sale. Pray that I will have some volunteers to help!

If anyone is donating, please do so as soon as possible so I will have time to display and price the items
before the sale starts.

Thank you all!

Tammy Nichols

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Laura Lee

From: Laura Martin Lee []
Sent: Thursday, April 26, 2012 10:22 PM

Please be in prayer for me. I am having some medical problems that is not related to the gallbladder surgery. I have been put on restriction from driving for the next several days due to some neurological problems, along with a concussion that I substained Tuesday evening after falling at home when I got sick and passed out.


Laura Lee

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Prayer Request

Jerry Godfrey’s sister, Shirley Turner, passed away on Monday, April 22nd. Please be in prayer for this family. Sympathy cards can be sent to:

Jerry Godfrey

243 Heritage Way

Dallas GA 30157

Update on Jerry — He is now using a walker and will be going to rehab for two months. After the two months he should be able to use a cane. Please continue to pray for his healing.

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From Wanda Clark

Update on her mom: She is scheduled to have surgery (to replace the broken pin in her arm) on tomorrow (Tuesday) evening at 6:00. Wanda will leave in the morning to arrive in NC in time to take her mom to the hospital.

New Request: Her cousin, Terri Rogers (husband, Greg pastors Pine Grove Baptist in Franklin, NC; they have 3 sons) had surgery today at Duke for an aggressive tumor in her head. The tumor is sitting on the motor center for the left side of body and on main arteries. They cannot remove all of the tumor so she is facing chemo to remove whatever remains.

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Wanda Gardner funeral information

Wanda Gardner is now absent from the body and present w her Lord. Please pray for Russ, Amber, Joanna and all the family.

She is at Davis-Struempf Funeral Home on the East West Connector.

Visitation will be Friday 6-8 and the service will be here at the church at 11:30 on Saturday.

Here are addresses so you can love on this family:
Russ Gardner
301 Oscar Way
Dallas, GA 30132-0386

Amber Gibson
88 Oliveria Way
Dallas, GA 30132-0445

Joanna Chambers
58 Glenbrook Court
Douglasville, GA 30134-5547

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“Mikey” update

Lung transplant complete… now waiting for full recovery so they can do the bone marrow transplant, approximately two months away if all goes well… Also good idea to send encouragement cards to Helen Vanegas at same address, it’s been a long ordeal away from home as she cares for Mikey.

Michael Keim

2101 Umstead Road

Durham, N.C. 27712

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Bill McNeal

Please pray for a young man I have known since he was a child, Bill McNeal. Bill, age 30, has been extremely ill for the past two years with pancreatitis that keeps flaring up and sending him to the hospital. He also has a very seriously diseased spinal disc that he will require surgery for eventually. He has experienced enormous pain and anguish and has been hospitalized for weeks on end, over and over. He now "eats" through a stint they inserted into his arm and has not been able to eat at all in the normal way in many months. He is doing some better and is on a liquid diet at this point and trying to work back to being able to eat food again, although his diet will be extremely limited. He is very cynical and traumatized. Pray that God will heal him and that he will come to know the Jesus Christ as his saviour.

Becky Parton

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Wanda Clark’s Mom

From: Cathy []
Sent: Tuesday, April 17, 2012 1:52 PM
Subject: Wanda Clark’s Mom

Ruth Crawford, in North Carolina, aged 74, had broken her arm last June and a metal rod was inserted. This arm never healed and the rod has now broken from repeatedly using the arm against the doctor’s orders. She is now facing a more extensive surgery (involving scar tissue) and will be put in a cast from the shoulder to the wrist, IF the surgery can be approved. The Dr. hopes to obtain the approval in two-weeks time. She is not suffering with pain, which is why she continued to use the arm, but must keep it in a sling to prevent further damage. After surgery and recovery she will then face extensive rehab. Pray for the family as decisions are made, schedules are worked out (and around), and travels back and forth continue to be the “norm” for them all.

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Mikey Vanegas update!

Mikey is getting his transplant!!! The surgery should be in the next several hours. !!!!

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