Update on Janice Courson

From: DeAnn Gamblin [mailto:dg1974@comcast.net]

Dear Very Special Loved Ones,

I wanted to send out this update on my mother. My brother, sister and I have been taking turns staying at the hospital

with mama. It has been an extremely difficult but special time. Doyle and I stayed last night and she opened her eyes

and looked at me. I have told her how very much I love her and I can only pray she hears me.

Yesterday one of the doctors from Georgia Lung came by and told us that mama was extremely sick, which we already knew,

but he just wanted to let us know that she was not responding to the treatements and that he had very little hope for recovery.

It was really a blessing to talk to him because he told us she was in God’s hands and even though we knew that too it was so nice

to have a doctor actually comfort us with God’s words. He said that even though modern medicine was wonderful there was only so

much it could do and that it appointed unto all men that we must die sometime. He said they would continue to do everything they

could but he didn’t think she would last long.

This morning we were all at the hospital together and our family doctor of 43 years came by and talked with us and told us that

he thought we should talk and make a decision about extubating mama because she was not improving and she was so very tired.

He is a good christian man as well, and a dear friend to our family. He told us he has been praying for us and I know he is

grieving as well because he has seen mama through this sickness.

Also this morning another Georgia Lung doctor told us that we needed to consider mama’s quality of life and try to make her last

hours on this earth easy. He was very kind and informative. Her lungs are in extremely critical condition, and her blood pressure

and heart rate and breathing rate is just a roller coaster ride. Her kidney function is also declining. He said he would do what he

could but didn’t see how she could last long.

To make a long story short, they have called in Palliative Care to make her as comfortable as possible. We have told them to

not do cpr or life saving measures. Mama didn’t want the ventilator, but we were not there to make that decision when she

coded on Sunday morning. If God does not go ahead and call her home, we will have to make the decision about when to

extubate her. They have given us a couple of days, it will not be easy no matter when it occurs, but we will do what we have

to. If she does not pass immediately, when they turn the ventilitor off, she will be transferred to Tranquility Care behind Cobb Hospital.

Please keep us in your prayers that we will make the right decision when the time comes, but if it can be God’s will that he will take

her without us having to do this. I have been here with my dad and I hate it. Also that He will just hold us up. I know this is a long

email, but it kinda just helps to put it in words. I love you all so much.



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Thank you who prayed for Michael Chastain; he is going home

today, still weak but he is glad to be going home.

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Estate Sale of Lou Freeman’s mom

From: Lou Freeman [mailto:loufreeman@bellsouth.net]
Sent: Friday, May 11, 2012 8:38 AM
To: prayerchain@gracega.org
Subject: Estate Sale

There will be an Estate Sale @ 5557 Fallsbrook Trce. NW, Acworth, GA 30101. Thursday thru Saturday (May 17th, 18th and 19th from 9am-4pm.) This was Farris Freeman’s residence (Lou Freeman’s mom).

Everything will be sold (furniture, appliances, TV’s smaller items, etc.)

If you need to more info., I can be reached @ 770-377-5026.


Melissa Freeman

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