Lisa Lawson’s Sister

Please continue to pray for Kimberly (Kim) Lawson and husband, Scott. Her cancer has been increased to stage 3 in left lung with a small spot on her vocals and left limp nodes. She will start chemo and radiation to shrink the cancers then surgery to remove what is left. In addition to the cancer they will also be able to remove the emphysema spots. Then she will face more chemo and radiation. Please pray for them as they face this long difficult road ahead of them. (They are not affiliated with a church at this time.)

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Doug Jackson

Please pray for Doug as he is at home suffering with kidney stones waiting for them to pass.

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A Baby Girl is Born

Jim and Kimberleigh Bush’s beautiful, blue-eyed baby girl was born at 9:40 last night (June 27) in Cobb General. Shelby Claire weighed 8 lbs 3 oz and is 19 ½ inches long. She and mom (dad too) are doing great in room 89 and should be going home tomorrow (Thursday).

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Please be in prayer for Jim and Kim Bush. Kim is in labor at Cobb Women’s Center.

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Update on Chris Anderson

I wanted to share this moving update on my co-worker’s son’s progress. I was thrilled to see her public profession of faith and let her know that. Please post what you feel is appropriate on the prayer chain. Thanks!


From: Anderson-Still, Ingrid
Sent: Wednesday, June 27, 2012 10:20 AM
To: HQ/Center Associates Distribution List; North American Associates
Subject: Update on Chris Anderson
Importance: High

Dear DDI Family,

I’m so extremely touched by the overwhelming response of Prayer, Support, and Love that have come from the entire DDI family for my son Chris and our family, as this is a very difficult time that we are facing, with a long road to recovery. I never thought that we be faced with such a horrific tragedy, but to know and witness the love and support given, it provides comfort, and the start of a healing process, that is much needed at this time.

I know that all things are possible, through Christ who strengthen us, and with the Prayers that have been going out from everyone, Chris and I and the entire family, are certainly drawing strength from all of them. I thank you all for everything you have implemented for Chris and I.

I’m so anxious to give you a full update on Chris.

On Thursday, June 21st Chris’s TBI results came back negative. His left leg below the knee has been amputated, and the doctors are closing it up today 6/27/12. He went into surgery this morning at 7am. He will undergo a very invasive surgery to his right leg this Friday, June 28th. The doctors will be removing muscle and arteries from both the left and right thigh are of his legs. They will also take from his back area to make a closing area for the right calf area of the leg.

They will then cut his right leg shorting the leg and fuse the bone and place the leg in a halo. Thus far Chris has undergone 8 surgeries, and before I left on Sunday, I had him bathing and dressing himself with assistance but very independent. The doctors and all are very impressed, with Chris’s strength and determination to start the healing process, which is a big factor with his rehabilitation.

I was able to get Chris up and out of his bed into a wheelchair, at which time he went around to see his battle buddies, and provided them with encouraging words.

I’ve attached a beautiful picture of Chris in uniform, and a photo of him in his wheelchair.

Again, I thank all of your for everything you have implemented for my family and I. It’s forever heartfelt, and appreciated.

Thank you, and I can’t wait to show Chris all the Love and the other young men the love, and prayers that are going out for them for during their time of recovery.

Ingrid Anderson-Still

p.s. I have other photos if you would like to see, please let me know and I’ll send them over to you.

From: Kline, Alissa
Sent: Monday, June 18, 2012 1:04 PM
To: HQ/Center Associates Distribution List; Canonsburg Associates
Subject: Jean Day – Soldier of the DDI Family – June 21st

Our freedom continues to be so important to us, and we honor the men and women each day that continue to fight for those freedoms that we hold so near and dear to our hearts. Among those courageous men and women we have another member of our DDI Family who is out there fighting for us each day. His name is Chris and he is the son of our Ingrid Anderson Still, who works in Client Service.

DDI is always so supportive of our family members and Chris is in need of our support, love, and prayers. Chris, was hit with a bomb in Afghanistan last week. He lost one leg from the knee down, had multiple injuries to the other leg and suffered a traumatic head injury with casualties and other injuries in his unit. Chris has already undergone many surgeries after being moved. He continues to fight a good fight! Ingrid was able to talk to him through the phone as the nurse put the phone to his ear so he could hear her voice. The nurse told her when she was talking he did open his eyes once and he made some sounds – he knew his mom was there with him!!!

Chris has now been moved to Walter Reed Hospital in Washington D.C. where he is being attended to by a great team of doctors. He is awake and knows what is going on and what happened to him. Ingrid is the strong mom and seems to be in good spirits. She is thankful for everyone’s prayers and said they are working miracles.

In honor of Ingrid and Chris and his valiant support of our country, we will be having a have a Jean Day on Thursday, June 21st to assist with any expenses they might incur. In order to support this our DDI soldier and his family during this challenging time, please see one of the follow associates to contribute your $5 donation.

Francken, Dana
Gaetano, Karen
Hanna, SueLynn
Horton, Steve
Katz, Reenie
Keener, Jacki
McClelland, Catherine
O’Mery, Amy
Pace, Hallie
Peterson, Marianne
Polasky, Bernie
Seltmann, Sally
Smith, Janet

Again, thank you for your support!

Alissa N. Kline

Senior Administrative Assistant

Development Dimensions International

Phone: 412-257-3995

Fax: 412-220-2821

The Talent Management Expert. Staying ahead of talent for 40 years.

The information contained in this email may be confidential and is intended solely for the use of the named addressee(s). If you are not the intended recipient, please notify us immediately by returning the email to the originator. Please consider the environment before printing this email.

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Cheress Steinhorst dad has passed away

If you would like to send Cheress a card, her address is:

Cheress Steinhorst

9200 Waterford Ln

Powder Springs, GA 30127

From Cheress Steinhorst – Hi there! Can you, please, pass this prayer request on to everyone…My dad passed away from ALS (Lou Gerhig’s disease early this morning. Please pray for my family. Thanks.

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Prayer Request

Lisa Lawson called and asked us to prayer for her sister Kimberly (Kim). Kim has stage 2 lung cancer. She has a golf ball size tumor in her left lung. She goes for a PET scan on Wednesday then to meet with a surgeon on Thursday then back to her lung doctor to map out a treatment plan. In the midst of all of this, Kim has an unspoken prayer request for her daughter.

Please keep the Reece family in your prayers as the anniversary of the death of their daughter is approaching.

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Prayer Request

Please pray for 4 month old, Baby C whose grandmother is trying to get custody of him due to abuse, mal-nutrition and a bad home environment.

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Tim Rutherford

Please pray for this pastor as he is in the hospital with three blockages to his heart leaving only 15% of his heart working. He needs surgery but is too weak at this time. Please pray for his strength to be increased as well as for the family. (His sister is Cindy, the receptionist at Cornerstone Chiropractics)

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Prayer request from Linda Skinner

Please post on the prayer chain:

My soninlaw’s mother recently passed away and a friend’s husband died very suddenly.

Both of their families told me it had meant so much to them to receive cards from some of my church family.

If you have never walked in those shoes you do not know what it means to them.

Love ya

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