Death / Cards

Please pray for the family of Darlene Adcock. This is Von Jenkins sister. She passed away in her sleep last night. Darlene had been sick for awhile with COPD and pneumonia. Von is comforted by Darlene’s testimony and profession of faith. The following addresses are for Von and Darlene’s husband:

Von Jenkins

106 Tidwell Farms Dr

Powder Springs GA 30127

Dennis Adcock

644 Dillion Gribble Rd.

Sparta TN 38583

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Exchange students—can you help?

From: April Mack []

Bro. Billy:

We would appreciate so much your promotion of this wonderful "mission" opportunity to your church. The deadline is soon approaching to have these students placed. I’m not sure what all that Roy communicated to you, but these students are here for immersion only. They have no schedule, no place to be. They are here to improve their english and learn American culture. Our family has hosted a sweet girl from France the last two years. Marie is now a part of our family, she accepted Christ the first year that she stayed with us. These students are only here for three weeks. Each of them are happy to attend church services & participate in youth activities. Last year, several students being hosted with our church family went to youth conference. I sincerely appreciate you presenting this to your church,

A great mission opportunity without leaving home. Share your life with a student from France for three weeks.

Host families are needed for two boys from France, August 4th – 25th. These students are visiting the US to learn American culture and to improve their English. If interested, please contact April Mack at aprildmack or (404) 886-7357.

Feel free to view the Nacel website to get a look at the students’ profiles. Go to "host a student" and then "View Student Profiles". The username is: summer

Password is: hosting

Let me know if you have any questions


April Mack

(404) 886-7357

WHEN WILL THE STUDENTS BE HERE? August 4th – August 25th.
If you live close to the airport, it is requested that you accompany the program director to the airport.

WHY ARE THEY COMING? They want to learn more English, experience American life, and make friends and become a part of your family.

CAN WE CHOOSE A BOY OR GIRL AND SELECT AN AGE? Yes. However, the more flexible you can be, the better. Most students are ages 11-18.

WE’VE NEVER DONE ANYTHING LIKE THIS BEFORE. WHAT’S EXPECTED? Simply welcome the student and include him/her in your daily routines and activities.


WHAT IS OUR FINANCIAL OBLIGATION? Just to provide room and board for the month. The students bring spending money, incidentals and gifts.

HOW ARE FAMILIES AND STUDENTS SELECTED? We ask for references to confirm that you are a happy, stable family and we also visit homes. Students are recommended by their language teachers and screened by foreign and domestic offices for suitability.

WHAT IF THERE IS A PROBLEM? Call us! We will be ready to help, along with the teacher/program director and chaperones who accompany the students from abroad. If necessary, we can gently move the student to a reserve family but we do that as a last resort.

WHAT ABOUT MEDICAL PROBLEMS? You will have a medical release signed by the student’s parents and a Nacel insurance form. Proceed as you would for your own children. The students will have their own medical card to present to the medical institution, should the need arise. Nacel will make sure all bills are paid.

WHAT IF WE DON’T HAVE TEENAGERS? Please provide opportunities for the student to meet other teens during the stay. Couples with small children or grown children have hosted successfully. You could perhaps host an adult teacher‑chaperone.

WHAT IF WE DON’T SPEAK THE LANGUAGE? No problem. The students have had several years of English and are eager to practice. They are here to develop their conversational skills.

WHEN WILL WE KNOW WHO OUR STUDENT WILL BE? We start matching the students several weeks prior to their arrival. The earlier you apply, the earlier you can start corresponding. You will receive the student’s dossier, which includes a letter to you, their photo and background info.

CAN OUR TEENS GO ABROAD WITH NACEL? Yes! Nacel offers programs in France, Germany, Spain, Mexico, Ivory Coast, Canada, England, Italy, Japan, China, Indonesia, Mauritius, China, Australia, Brazil, Taiwan, Ireland, and Thailand. Please call us for our Program Brochure.

WHAT IS NACEL? Nacel Cultural Exchanges is a non‑profit organization sponsoring cultural exchanges between American and foreign families and students. It is listed with the Council on Standards for International Educational Travel.

The Moench Family
Our granddaughter was impressed by the differences but really amazed at all the ways she and Lili were the same… A good lesson to learn early.

The Hansen Family
We got to know and love an exceptional young lady who represented her Japanese culture beautifully.

The Carina Family
Foreign exchange in my opinion is about speaking, eating, communicating, and building a bond forever. We are going to miss her very much and really hated to see our exchange daughter go.

The Burke Family
This is a wonderful experience. We truly enjoyed having Ami become part of our family. She and my daughter got along beautifully. This was definitely a worthwhile experience. Our student was a very well mannered and considerate young lady. I am sure her parents are very proud of her. We will miss having her here in our home.

The Cortez Family
This experience really brought my children closer together. They also learned a new language and customs which I consider to be a really great thing. My family had a great time with our student.

The Benvenuto Family
We met a wonderful young lady and got the opportunity to experience a little bit of a different culture at the very same time. All I can say is THANK YOU.

The Mejia Family
Mickey was a pleasure to have in our home. He taught us many Korean customs and words. We now want our kids to go on a similar exchange due to this experience.

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an urgent request from one of our missionaries

From: <>


In the early church, when calamity struck they gathered in the house of Mary the mother of Mark for an urgent prayer meeting (Acts 12:1-12). A horrible thing has fallen on our family, the most serious issue we have ever faced. We have passed through heart attack, cancer, stroke, and paralysis. In Africa, there were death threats, book banning’s, car windows smashed, and even a threat of a lawsuit from Supreme Court Justice! God brought us through all of this and much more.


Phillip, is 48 years old and was born in Australia. He serves as pastor of a congregation, has a lovely wife and two teen-age children. Several weeks ago he went for simply cataract surgery; it went all wrong. Now he cannot see out of this eye. The doctor advised surgery on the other to "balance the eyes," and it too went wrong. Now he can only see blurred, dark images with that eye. He is almost totally blind. I am calling on you our supporters and prayer partners for some 60 years to hold him up in holy prayer. A thousand voices call on us to pray for a thousand things. Amid all this, please pray for Phillip and us. Medically, no one knows the outcome of this, not even the surgeon. However, God does. Somehow, in our weakness, we also lean upon some of you for that special strength that comes from meeting with God at the throne of grace. Most of our problems in this life are to be solved by disciple and hard work. The others can only be solved by our Father in heaven. This request is one of "the others."

I cannot write a hundred letters each day and report individually to all of you. We are covered up with calls for help, visitors coming in, people wanting books and sermons, counseling troubled souls, plus being so physically weak, I can hardly get out of my wheelchair, continually sick, and worn out. In time, you will hear the outcome of all this. I don’t know when that will be. Thank you for understanding. A great missionary once wrote his church in 2 Cor. 1:11, "Ye also helping together by prayer for us …" That remains valid to this day.

Still his happy slaves

Missionaries Randy and Addien Pike

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Dewey Ellenburg

Dewey Ellenburg had another successful surgery. They found more than they suspected, but seemed to be able to “take care” of it. Do pray for Deacon Ellenburg.

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join in prayer

Would you please have your church pray for my cousin Julie, 40 years old, single mom two children brook and chase under ten years old. She has been diagnosed with breast cancer. She is going in for surgery this am. She is a believer , had divorce finalized yesterday. Her husband adultress, and very hot headed man. I have prayed with her and asked her to out loud claim victory in Jesus name not allowing Satan to have dominion over her , her body, her children, her affairs. That God be Glorified for all He is and has allowed. Amen !~ Thank you ahead of tiime.

All for Him,

Kathleen Busch

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Prayer for Nicole

Please be in prayer for Nicole Covington. She has had a high fever with upset stomach for 10 days now and the doctors still don’t know what is causing it.

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Vicky Moore’s Granddaughter is Born!

Kirstin Belle Walters was born at 9:32, Thursday morning, weighing 8 lbs 6 oz and 21 inches long. Alayna and Brett are ecstatic and doing well (and Grandma is absolutely thrilled!) in spite of Kirstin having a little trouble breathing on her own at this time. Praying she will be off the oxygen soon and ready to go home.

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Gail Huff back surgery

Gail’s sister, Debbie, called and said Gail is in recovery and that the doctor said things went well. She’ll call me later with another update. In the meantime, cards can be sent to her at:

Gail Huff

The Villas at Seven Springs

3785 Villa Springs Circle

Powder Springs, GA 30127

Moe Mitchell

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Missionary Kevin Pestke, Zambia

Please continue praying: 1. Savannah’s pregnancy (due July 29th); 2. Logistics of pregnancy: birth certificates, passports, shots, etc.; 3. Leadership & Growth at our Chinjala location church as well as for our Home Bible Study; 4. Language studies; 5. Direction as we search for the next area to evangelize, disciple and plant next church; May our Lord continually bless you! We are thankful for your support and love towards our family and this ministry.

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Personal Prayer & Cambodia

I have attached a link that was in the Phnom Penh Post regarding the virus that has killed 55 children in Cambodia. The government has closed schools early because of it. I hope this link works but if not you can just go the the Phnom Penh Post and find it. Pray for wisdom for both the doctors and government in handling this, and also for protection of these precious children.

I also ask prayer for me. I have done amazingly well after gallbladder surgery and praise the Lord for that, but I have been having trouble with my voice for the last two months. I have been struggling with hoarseness the last year and it has gotten worse recently. I went to an ENT 2 weeks ago and he did several tests and determined that it is a muscular issue. He sent me for MRIs of the brain and neck to make sure there were no underlying issues going on. I got the results yesterday and all was well. Praise the Lord for no tumors or signs of MS. I now have to see a neurologist on Monday. My doctor is sure that I have Muscle Tension Dysphonia. My throat muscles are constantly contracted causing me to strain to talk. I am in no pain just have wore out muscles because I like to talk! lol I need prayer because with us leaving September 25th and not knowing what all I have to do to try and regain my voice, I am concerned with this timeline. My ENT said I may have to do botox in my neck and throat to relax muscles and go for voice therapy. It is a common disorder and they have no idea what causes it. He told me it is a nerve malfunctioning in its communication to the muscle. I should know more after my appointment next week. Thanks in advance for your prayers.


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