From: linda skinner []

Prayer requests: Tommy Chapman, pastor at Praise Tabernacle, very serious health problems, Abigail Boland,12 week old baby in DC having eye removed due to malignant tumor behind eye,
Tonyia Cox, former co worker, soninlaw killed on three wheeler, and Gwen Morgan in Atl. Med Ctr. with servious health problems which have been ongoing for over 3 years.

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I am asking for prayer for some our dear friends, David & Melissa Sampson, and for Melissa’s dad, Mike Sims. While vacationing in Panama City Beach, Mike was out jumping the waves with his granddaughters when a rip current came over them. Melissa saw them struggle and she herself went to help them. She was taken over as well. Heather (Melissa’s daughter) was holding on to her Paw Paw and kept him a float despite nearly drowning herself. They were rescued by bystanders on the beach and then they were able to get Melissa in. They all were close to drowning. Mike suffered a heart attack because of the stress of near drowning. He is recovering in ICU at Gulf Coast Hospital. Please pray he continues to get stronger each day. We are thanking God for his protection of this family.


~Robin Flanagan

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– Thank you

Kerry came home yesterday. He does not have the results of

the MRI and the other test they did as yet but went to see him

last evening and he seemed fine. Thank you all for praying.

You know Prayer really changes things. Lov e you, Ma Ma Baker

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Regarding Joan Tyson

A sponsored child sent a letter and within it he states, “We are praying for Joan Tyson’s life because she is very sick and we know that God has

the last word and He will do His will on her.” Let’s join in praying for her and all whose lives are touched by her.

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Missionary Edgar Asuncion, Cambodia

Dear Dr. Ken Martin, Dr Billy Wood, and Grace Baptist Church,

Greetings from Cambodia!!

Praising and Thanking our Almighty God for the Success of the Daily Evangelistic Vacation Bible Hour thought it it not finish yet but souls kept coming and being SAVED. We have 5 Villages more to go…

We are already finished with 4 villages. Allow us to share with you the answers to our prayers. You have a big part in prayers that this ministry will be possible.

Attendance Got Saved

Beoung Tom Pon Village(lake Tom Pon) 42 16

Chumranphal Village 24 17

Prektowal Village 19 11

Rassay B 35 22 +

1 adult

Last Sunday we have also 23 Prof of faith in our Morning service, our Children’s Worship Service.

Thank you once again for your love for souls.

Your Partner in the Lord’s Harvest,

Pastor Asuncion and Family

Psalms 2:8 & 40:8

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Ministry Opportunity

From: Stan Pittman []

We just had an administrative meeting and resume’s came up. This made me think that in this economy you might possibly know of someone who could really use a job/ministry. Right now here at Hope we need House Parents. That can be a couple or a family. Don’t know if you would know anyone that could do this and move to Florida. We also need a young man that could be in our maintenance department. I know this is probably an unusual request but if you don’t know anyone maybe you know someone who does. You can email me at any time if you need more info.or particulars. We ask your prayers in this matter also! Tell everyone we said Hi, Love yall!

Stan Pittman
Outreach Coordinator
Hope Children’s Home

P 813.961.1214
F 813.968.7686

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Prayer needed

Please pray for my son, Kerry Baker, who was taken to Floyd

Medical Hospital Sunday. They are doing an MRI right now

and another medical procedure. Thank you, Ma Ma Baker

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Prayer for Mr & Mrs. Shumake

Please pray for Mr & Mrs Shumake. Ms. June is having severe back problems. She is currently waiting on MRI results and hopes that this will give a clear result to her problems. She has missed church for the last several weeks and prays that she will be well enough to return soon.

Pam Hamby

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A lady has called on behalf of a friend whose AC went out. She cannot afford a new window unit and is looking for a used one which is 8 – 10,000 BTU. If you have or know of one not being used, she is willing to purchase, please contact the church office for contact information. Thank you!

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pray for Joan Tyson

Please pray for Missionary Joan Tyson, as she has cancer, and the doctors are telling her they would like her to consider not returning to the mission field.

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