Prayer for Kimberly

Please be in prayer for Kimberly, Lisa Lawson’s sister. She was diagnosed with lung cancer earlier this year and has been going through chemo treatments. The cancer has now been minimized where it can be removed. She will have surgery Friday, Oct. 5th at Cobb Hospital. They will be removing the upper part of her left lung along with some lymph nodes.

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Prayer Requests – Surgeries this week and others

1. I have 2 co-workers having surgery this week and they would be grateful for your prayers:

a. Tricia – Friday foot surgery

b. Elizabeth – Tomorrow – Shoulder surgery

2. I also have not heard but know that my friends Tina and Jon Ferdinand do need continued prayer as Jon is either prepping for or is in the midst of a bone marrow transplant in Nashville. (They both enjoy a relationship with our Lord)

3. My step Mom Ann Marie has unspoken requests for her children and their kids

4. Brother-in-law Tom is recovering from a pretty nasty Salmonella infection

5. My current project load is …. Well let’s just say, my cup poureth over and over and over……. It is more than any one person can do with no real end in sight.

6. I have unspoken requests as well

7. Tim (my husband) is traveling to Virginia Beach/Williamsburg today returning Sunday.

Thanks and love to all!


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Missionary Bobby Sizemore, Rock of Ages

Dear Praying Partners, A quick update concerning my wife Ruby. The week of the 12th, she had been in the hospital for a week with blood clots in her lungs and a possible heart attack. She was admitted the night before I was to leave for Brazil. Because of this, I canceled my trip to Brazil as she was sick with throwing up and diarrhea. The doctor has ordered a chest X-ray, urine check and more blood work. Ruby came home from the hospital Sunday afternoon, Sept 16th. She is still weak and it will take some time to build her strength back up. She is on a blood thinner and she must learn to eat better because of the thinner and also her diabetes. Her blood sugar was over 500 this morning. Please continue to pray for her health and for me to have wisdom about me leaving her to travel overseas. I am scheduled to leave for Honduras on October 7.

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Prayer for Robin’s Mother

Thank you all for your support and prayers for our family, we appreciate you all so much. My mother, Jill Wooddall, has been diagnosed with lung cancer. We have a journey ahead
of us, but it could be worse!! She has the option of having surgery to remove her upper right lobe. We will know for sure, next week when we consult with surgery team.

I want to bombard my mother with cards from all over. She and my dad both profess to be saved but they have not been involved in church in many years. I do believe they love the Lord but I so desire to see them serve the Lord with joy. I love them very much and want this adventure that we are on, to bring them closer to our Lord & Savior. I thank you again for your prayers for her and for my dad, Larry. Feel free to pass along. The more cards the merrier!! 😉

Her address is:
Jill Wooddall
1001 Dale Drive
Mableton, GA 30126

Thank you,
Robin Flanagan

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Missionary Dennis Anderson, Africa

His son, Bryan, in Afghanistan, and his family; son, Scott, looking for a job and for spiritual growth; wife, Sue, health and back; financial support and ministry needs.

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Prayer for a Visiting Family

Dale and Yvette Meyers ask prayer for their marriage to be strengthened.

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Request from a Visitor

Cathy Brown asks prayer for Bob Dudwig and herself to “get back on our feet and our health to get better.” She also asks unspoken prayer for friends and family.

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Prayer Request

Please pray urgently for Josh. He was saved the beginning of the year

and was carrying his bible to work and everywhere he went; loved going

to services; and thought God was calling him maybe to preach. The devil

got in so I want everyone to pray for his deliverance.

Thank you, Ma Ma Baker

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Cathrine Black needs our help!



I got a call from Pam Covington at Grace school this morning. There is a need. Cathrine has been taking care of her aunt. Now her husband has been in a bad car accident and is paralyzed and in the hospital.

She is not able to sit with her aunt because she is with her husband. she would like a few of us to go in and see her aunt over the next couple of days. I will be out of town until the end of September. We are going on a family vacation this Saturday.

Aunts name and address:

Susan Chery

8890 Edin Bury Dr.

Winston, GA. 30187

Please call me at 678-761-0904

Tammy Nichols

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Robin Flanagan’s mom

From: Robin Flanagan []

Subject: My Mother

I just wanted to update everyone on my mother. We went today to get results from her scans. Thank God there was no other masses found!! The cancer is localized in the upper right lobe of her lung. She is undergoing a series of stress tests starting tomorrow to see if she will be able to tolerate losing her upper right lobe. Surgery is the best procedure to rid her of the lung cancer as long as she will be able to breath and function well enough. If she cannot pass stress tests then we will do chemo and radiation. She HAS to stop smoking. Please pray for her because this will be the hardest challenge for her. My dad had stopped for 3 months but since all of this with my mom, he has started again. Pray that both of them will stop!!! We should know by Oct. 3rd if she will qualify for surgery or not. It will be a very serious surgery to say the least but thank God it is not any worse. If you would like to send her a card, I have included her address. Thank you for your prayers!

In the hands of a Mighty God,

Robin Flanagan

Jill Wooddall

1001 Dale Drive

Mableton, GA 30126

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