Prayer Request

Please pray for Tommy Collins – son-in-law of Mary-Louise Quinn from Mableton (and Lisa Lawson’s friend), has cancer and is having a hard time going through chemo.

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Praise from Lisa Lawson

Lisa is praising the Lord that her sister, Kimberly, is in remission. She has been told she does not need any more chemo and only needs to go be checked out every 6 months or so. There is an unspoken prayer request for Kimberly.

Also, please pray for Lisa as she has been having trouble sleeping lately and she doesn’t understand why.

Finally, American Pickers (from the History Channel) is coming to Georgia. If you know of any places they can “pick” contact Lisa at 770-920-8868 for information on getting in touch with the producers.

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Baby High Chair

If anyone has a high chair for sale, please call Ma Ma Baker

at 770-948-8857. Thank you. Baby Jeremiah is nearly 5 months.

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Needing work

Young lady needs work. She can do almost anything. Cleans houses;

yards; windows, anything. If you have any work please call her at

678-429-4703. Her name is Leigh Perdue.

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Urgent Prayer Request

Michelle Rosier’s nephew, Dillon – 9 years old, has just been

diagnosed with Leukemia. It is treatable but it will be a long

hard 3 year process. Please pray for him.

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Missionary, Kit Jamandron, Cambodia

Please pray God will supply their church with a pick-up truck for the ministry; the purchase of a new lot ($25,000) upon which a new church will be built; many feeding ministry needs; and 1 year visa extensions, $290 per person, due in November.

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Missionary, David Smith, Brazil

David has received the documentation needed to finalize the property sold in order to purchase other property for a new church in a very convenient location to thousands of people. Please pray the transfer takes place, and everything is finalized, on Monday, if not on this Friday (26th.)

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A Sister Died

Please pray for Bettye Brown, a friend of Lurlene Breaux, who has been attending Grace for over a year. Bettye is traveling to Columbus, GA for the funeral of her sister. Please pray for the family and for traveling mercies. Cards can be sent to Bettye at 152 Thorne Creek Way, Dallas, GA 30157-9623.

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Missionary, Bob Dayton, Nicaragua

Dr. Dayton would like for us to pray for National Pastor Louis Lopez as he prepares to go and share the gospel to the island people of Ometepe. He is currently trying to raise support so that he can quit his current job and go as a full-time missionary to this minister on this island where there is no church.

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Missionary, Eddie Wang, China

Dr. Wang is asking us to pray with him regarding the government plans to wipe out house churches in China within the next 10 years. This plan has been thwarted twice before, by God-ordained occurrences, but is once again on the top of the government’s agenda. Needless to say, the plan will entail serious persecution of those who pastor and attend these house churches, so please pray for strength for all to remain faithful to the Lord; perhaps even that the plan be put on the “backburner” once again.

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