Prayer requests

Wow, what a great day this has been – the Lord enabled multiple folks to share with me the burdens on their hearts:

Please be in prayer for:

· Jon and Tina Ferdinand – Jon’s continued progress/healing post Bone Marrow Transplant

· Marlene – health and family, discipleship studies

· Eileen – PRAISE! After losing power with Superstorm Sandy, she just had it returned on Friday 11/9!! Pray for continued strength with the clean-up that is still needing to be done

· Elaine Ober – her father suddenly passed away within the past week

· Client that I have been witnessing to…. You know when it rains it pours? He’s got a monsoon going on: Divorce proceedings in progress; 9-y/o son having issues now; stressful work environment and a big issue that recently just occurred; his 79 y/o Mom fell, cracked her head, subdural hematoma, in hospital for observation – this is the 2nd time. Most importantly that the Holy Spirit would continue His amazing work in preparing this man’s heart/head for accepting Jesus as Saviour and Lord.

· Traveling mercies next week for all those spending time with families to celebrate Thanksgiving. (I will be traveling the day after Thanksgiving to Orlando)

· Ms. Piper – a phlebotomist I met that works for Quest – she lives in Augusta but works in Marietta. She is commuting EVERY DAY and would love to be transferred closer to her home in Augusta. She is currently also in treatment for Colon Cancer. I had to hug on her!

· Katey’s studies – she’s had multiple papers to do this semester (more than 4 I think) and I know finals will be coming up soon.

· Unspoken requests for me

· Several friends whose spouses have been looking for work for a very long time and resources are getting very very thin.

· My upcoming trip to LA to see family – I don’t believe any of them know the Lord, save 1. Praying for a wonderful time of fellowship and for them to ask me how they can be saved and the Holy Spirit to have prepared their hearts so that the soil is fertile and the seed protected as it is sowed.

· Today is the 19th anniversary of my Mom’s death – I know the Lord has so ministered to my heart this day – I am praying for my sisters and Dad as I know each anniversary is tough on them. While I am unsure of just ‘where’ my Mom is, the Lord has given me that peace that passes all understanding and the knowledge to know nothing can change it now and to simply trust Him. This is the 1st time in 19 years that I didn’t want to ‘crawl in a hole’ –don’t get me wrong – I miss her terribly. But it is so awesome how the Lord has changed my focus to be just on Him – Amen and AMEN!

Love you all and thank you for praying! I am so blessed!

Joyfully His!


Vicky L. Moore, BS, MT(ASCP)

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Joyce Vollrath’s sister

Please pray for Joyce Vollrath’s sister, Mary Norris. She is 83 and has been battling bone disease. They have called in hospice to help attend to her needs. Joyce asks that we pray for God’s grace and mercy in the days to come.

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