Missionary Randy Pike

Remember to pray for Randy Pike as he continues to recover from his injuries suffered in February. He is dealing with the possibility of never getting into a car or to stand up with his leg braces again which, he says, “calls for new and difficult adjustments in our lives in traveling anywhere.” His son, Phillip, is also dealing with the blindness that is overtaking his right eye through a strange disease that has no medical cure.

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Missionary Chris Rue in the Ukraine

Pray for a gentleman in their church in Ukraine who has had to be relieved of some of his positions in the ministry. This man has been with Chris just about from the beginning of his ministry in Ukraine and there is great concern for him. Pray for their airfare back to Ukraine (they are presently in the states on furlough); for the purchase of a much needed van upon their return to Ukraine; and lastly for the Lord to use him to be a blessing and encouragement to others and to win lost souls to Christ as he visits various churches here in the US.

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Mike Valdez in Cambodia asks for prayer

Please pray for 11th Anniversary Celebration taking place this Sunday, April 28th; pray for Daisy’s health as she has been having pains on her right shoulder down to her waste for the past three weeks. She has been to the Dr, has been on medication and is having a few more tests.

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