Linda Basey’s Mom

Please pray for the family of Willow Deen Witt, Linda’s mom.

She passed from life on earth to glorious life in heaven.

Please send cards to Linda at

5717 Lower Birdville Road

Haltom City, TX  76117

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Janis Wilson

Janis called this morning to ask prayer for a young lady that she knows. Savannah Veal who is 20 years old had an asthma attack this past weekend and is now in a coma and in ICU.

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Joyce Vollrath and her family

Please pray for Joyce Vollrath and her family in the loss of her sister in Tennessee. She passed away this past weekend.

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Linda & Bill Basey

Please pray for Linda Basey as her mother has had a very severe stroke and she is not doing well. Linda is with her in Texas.


If you would like to send a card to Linda Basey the address is below.

Linda is with her mother, they don’t think her mother will make it.


Linda Basey

5717 Lower Birdville Road

Halton City, Texas   76117

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from: Missionary Randy Pike

Prayer Partners: This is an urgent call for those of you who pray to take before God a dear friend of ours, whom I will call “Vee” in this letter. She is going through horrible things with several members of her family. It is clearly demonic, and you must pray from that stand point. Out of respect, this is all I can say. Thank those of you who are our steady prayer partners for sharing in this battle.

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Missionary Gary Hale

Please pray for a “prodigal daughter” to yield to the Spirit and allow His power to enable her to break free from “a love that is stronger right now than her love for God.” She had been in their church since the beginning and they are heartbroken that she has chosen a lifestyle contrary to being pleasing to God.


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