Pastor Edgar Asuncion and Family

Dear Prayer Partner,

Thank you so much for praying for us. I would like to drop some good news of what the Lord is doing in our ministry here in Cambodia. And I believe you will rejoice with us for the souls that came to know Him.

We had a blessed time last Sunday in our morning and afternoon services.  We invited unsaved friends and the preaching is about the second coming of Christ in the rapture.

During the invitation, there were 27 souls raised their hands and came forward to receive Christ as Savior.

We keep thanking God for your abundant prayers. Kindly continue to pray that the seed sown in their heart will grow and bear fruit in their lives. Once again, thank you for your part in the ministry here, without it, we cannot go this far. We are very grateful.

In Christ,

Pastor Asuncion and Family

Psalms 40:8

Urgent need and request:

Please, please continue to pray for the visa needs of my wife and my two older children.

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Tom Brady

Janet called about her husband’s sleep test – he failed the test. This prevents him from working in the job he had been preparing for over the past months. He is now searching for another job as well as finding out what to do about his sleep apnea… with no income. Janet currently is only working part time and looking for additional income as well. Please pray for them as they desire and seek the Lord’s guidance.

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Pam Payne’s Mom

Please be in prayer for Ellen Dobbins (Pam Payne’s Mom) she fell down her steps this morning and broke both her ankles.

One ankle will require surgery on Saturday morning at 8:30 to set and place pins. She is in a lot of pain as you can imagine, and she is not looking forward to the recovery time ahead of her. Thank You for praying Grace~ites.

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Melissa Freeman’s Sister

Please remember Bro. Odom’s youngest daughter, Melanie Buffington, in prayer.

She was diagnosed with thyroid cancer.

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