Continue to pray for our pastor to have a speedy recovery from his eye surgery

Keep Dr. Martin in your prayers all during the day.

Please also be in prayer for Franklin Martin (our Pastors brother) in South Georgia.  He is not improving and if he doesn’t improve some tough decisions will need to be made in the next 24 hours.

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Vince Bates

Please pray for Vince Bates – he has been diagnosed with shingles.

Mr. Vince Bates

149 Rainwater Lane

Dallas, Ga  30157

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Billy Vollrath

Billy Vollrath is home from the hospital and doing well. Please continue to pray for him and Joyce.

Mr. & Mrs. Billy Vollrath

2015 Matt Drive

Austell, Ga  30168.

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Janis Wilson’s granddaughter

Thank you all so much for your prayers for Janis Wilson’s granddaughter, Rachel Wroe. She should have the results from the MRI soon. If you would like to send Rachel a card her address is:

Rachel Wroe

140 New Brooklyn Church Road

Temple, Ga 30179.

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Billy Vollrath

Billy Vollrath’s cardiac catheterization confirmed a blockage. The doctor placed a stent in the artery to improve the blood flow and he will be admitted to the hospital overnight.  Thank you for your prayers, and please continue to pray for his recovery and improved health.

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Billy Vollrath

Please be in prayer for Billy Vollrath. He is scheduled to have a heart catheterization at Cobb Hospital, Monday morning at 9:00  a.m.

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Todd Flanagan

Continue to pray for Todd Flanagan he is having some major health issues. They have run all kinds of tests and do not know what is going on with his leg. Right now he is doing a little better but continues to be on strong antibiotics.

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The Wright Family

Please continue to pray for the Wright Family.

Tracie went home to be with our Lord Thursday evening.

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Tracie and Jimmy Wright

Prayer Warriors – Tracie and Jimmy Wright are in desperate need of prayer.

Tracie’s cancer is back and she’s been at Kennestone for about 2 weeks.  After 2 surgeries – kidney related – she’s in very poor health.  A Hospice Coordinator was called in this afternoon.

Jimmy’s diabetes is also an issue and I’m sure the stress of Tracie’s condition isn’t helping.  Also remember Shayla she of course  started school this week.

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Please pray for Rachel Rowe

Please be in prayer for Janis Wilson’s 19 year old granddaughter, Rachel Rowe. She has a lump on her back at the base of her neck and will have an MRI Thursday afternoon, (August 15th). Rachel lives in Temple and attends West Georgia College.

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