Urgent Prayer for Jerry Godfrey!

Please EARNESTLY pray for Bro. Jerry Godfrey.
He is at Cobb Hospital.

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Continue to remember Jessie Clark & her family in your prayers

Jessie Clark’s sister Nancy is doing okay. She is having to have radiation for the cancer.
Now Jessie’s great granddaughter is in Scottish Rite Hospital and they are running all kinds of test on her to see if she has lupus, leukemia or some other disease. She is young. Please pray for all three.

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Jessie Clark & her sister.

Please remember Jessie Clark as she is in Florida taking care of her sister. Her sister Nancy Hubbard broke her knee and she also had surgery today (9/12) for breast cancer. Jessie will be gone about 3 months.

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Janis Wilson’s granddaughter

Please continue to pray for Rachel Wroe, Janis Wilson’s granddaughter. After meeting with a neurosurgeon, it was determined that the large mass at the base of her neck is a non-cancerous tumor, which he can remove. Thank you so much for your prayers! During the scan they also discovered a small tumor in her brain tissue and believe it to be benign. She will return for a follow up scan in 3 months to see if there has been any change. PLEASE send her a card of encouragement. Just the word “tumor” is much more than most adults can comprehend… Rachel is 19, and facing at least one major surgery, along with the stress of “wait and see”, concerning her brain scan. Thank you, faithful friends!

Rachel Wroe
140 New Brooklyn Church Road
Temple, Georgia 30179

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Please pray for Debbie Lovins

Please be in prayer for Debbie & Mitchell Lovins. (Friends of Ed & Pam Payne)

Allen, Debbies husband of 36 years and Mitchells dad had a massive heart attack while on a father-son fishing trip with Mitchell, and he stepped into “glory” immediately. At 56 with no history of heart issues this was “all of a sudden” and totally unexpected by all. Allen was one of the kindest, most considerate and REALChristians Ed & Pam have ever known, He and Debbie have been an inspiration of True Faith to all that know them.  “In a moment, in the twinkling of an eye” Allen went from walking with his son here on earth to walking with his two sons in heaven… What a Mighty God, we serve!

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Janette Moore

Please pray for our neighbor  (Janette Moore) for inner ear and balance problem. She has

exercise to do to help. Thank you.   Heimendinger

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